USB2 Drivers

  Baz48 15:10 30 Dec 2003

I am running Windows XP Home without SP1. My MSI K3 Ultra mobo has 2 x USB1 and 2 x USB2 ports for which it says that I must download drivers.
I also have a 4 port hub on a USB2 port.

Device Manager says I have a variety of hubs along with three "via rev 5 or later USB host controllers" and a "via USB2 enhanced controller".

Do I need USB2 drivers?
Is SP1 the only way to get them?
Do I need SP1 other that for the USB2 drivers?


  Big Elf 15:13 30 Dec 2003

You only need the drivers if you're going to use a USB 2 device. SP1 included security updates and I think that without it you also can't install some of the later critical updates.

  Baz48 15:50 30 Dec 2003

Thank you. I have just got a USB2 scanner, although some seem to think that there is little increase in speed, "every little helps" said the actress - -.


  MAGGX 17:37 30 Dec 2003

Have you had any problems installing thr usb2 ports?
I have tried but the hadware wizard won't let me.Hope i'm not being to simple here.

  Big Elf 17:53 30 Dec 2003

You're probably better off creating your own thread for this. As this one has been ticked as resolved most people won't look at it. Let us know your Windows version, type of ports e.g. PCI card, motherboard and any error messages you get.

  MAGGX 19:19 30 Dec 2003

Many thanks for you answer,
The mother board is a Asus is that right? i'm on XP home. The error messages are: (form hardware)wizard.
Can't install hardware error occured-Data invalled. The disk that came with the scanner was for Windows 2000 and Me. So not used
The usb port came with a Cannon D1250 Scanner. I removed pc case inserted the board into the next opening but had no luck.Ive read other messages downloaded sp1 pack from MS but no luck Its very frustrating Sorry to go on.
Thanks again.

  Gareth2303 19:47 30 Dec 2003

Yea the Drivers for your usb are on Your motherboard driver disc that camn with it (better hope you kept it)

  Big Elf 19:51 30 Dec 2003

Try moving the card to a different slot.

As mentioned before. Creating a new thread will mean a lot more people will look at it rather than the few who will bother to look at a resolved thread. I'll do my best to help but a few hundred brains working on the problem may resolve it more speedily rather than you relying on an Elf's single brain cell:0)

  MAGGX 12:45 31 Dec 2003

Many thanks for your answers.
I've not got any more slots left on the m/board. I had to have a look. The other bits are takng up the room masking the availabe ones.
I have the m/board disk but will take some time to digest, its like another language.
Could there be a problem with the USB board it should just plug and play (with all the reading I/ve done) another new book
Thanks again.

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