USB2 Card & Win98se

  KW2K 23:04 22 Mar 2004

Hi, Does anyone have any ideas why I'm having problems installing a USB2 pci card in my pc with Win98se. (I've even tried changing pci slot, no difference) I've installed the card, switched the pc on and it says found new hard ware, I then navigate to the cd rom drive where the drivers are and it appears to install the correct drivers ok. ie No yellow exclamation marks in device manager! According to the instruction manual, there should be an entry in device manager for via usb controller, their is NO sign of this. I can however navigate to the cd rom that came with the usb card and there is an setup.exe file for installing this Via controller. Only problem is I get an error message saying it is unable to install the via controller. Is there something I am missing ? Or is there anything on the MS web site that could give me advise. Any help much appreciated !


  bvw in bristol 23:34 22 Mar 2004

Via chipsets, in my opinion, are troublesome and not worth buying. They never worked for me. I've got two of their USB2 PCI cards here that are useless.

Go for a NEC chipset. The Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PCI card F5U219 works perfectly.

  Gandalph 01:52 23 Mar 2004

Like you I also had problems with a USB 2 PCI card. It installed OK along with the Via controller, no problem. The thing is every time I restarted the machine it came up with New Hardware found Windows is now installing the software for your new hardware etc,.etc,. BVW is quite right about the Via chip set. I took the card back and got a different one and installed it no problem and everything is working fine.

  KW2K 09:40 23 Mar 2004

Guy's, Now I'm wishing I had bought a Belkin and not one of those via jobs, there just so much bother. Gandalph, your dead right, everytime the pc restarts i get the New Hardware Found ! Time to take it back I think.

Regards !

  billyliv 13:30 23 Mar 2004

Hi, Quick question, Does 98SE. support USB2?. I wouldn't have thought so. Cheers, Bill

  KW2K 13:44 23 Mar 2004

Good Question bilyliv, wonder if anyone knows the answer to this. Maybe it's just USB1, which would do, as its better than not having USB at all !

Cheers !

  Diemmess 15:37 23 Mar 2004

Win98 needs the USB2 drivers that are sold with the USB2-PCI cards

  bvw in bristol 16:13 23 Mar 2004

Windows 98se just needs the drivers, as Diemmess says. They are supplied with the cards.

Windows XP SP1 already has the drivers, courtesy of Microsoft.

  Gandalph 18:37 23 Mar 2004

The cards actually do come with driver software supplied. The trouble is for some reason Windows 98se doesn't like the Via Controller.

  KW2K 19:07 23 Mar 2004

Yes Gandalph, your correct in what you say. The PCI card comes with the driver cd but just dosen't like the via controller for some strange reason. Just going tp purchase a good quality card. Incidently, I've just installed the via USB card in a win xp machine and it works perfectly ! Thanks guy's for all your advise.
Cheers !

  bvw in bristol 19:27 23 Mar 2004

Be wary, the Via cards install with no problem in XP and appear to function correctly when you use USB1.1 devices.

It's when a USB2 device is connected the problems can start.

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