Daveboy 20:53 16 Jun 2005

My son has just purchased an I-pod, it needs usb2 port for charging/uploading. I have a 2 port usb1 card in my machine, can I change this for a "2" card, I run Win XP Pro with SP2 installed. Is it just a case of swapping cards or do I need to uninstall anything (drivers)?

  DieSse 21:08 16 Jun 2005

You can just swap them over. Windows should detect the new one without any problems - at the worst you might have drivers to load from a CD with the card.

You'll probably find you can use USB1 though - just slower.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:18 16 Jun 2005

Without going into any technical detail, USB is broken up into three speed groups;
Low Speed USB1(1.5Mbps), Full Speed USB1.1 (12Mbps), and Hi-Speed USB2 (480Mbps)

Yuo have the USB1.1 full speed it will work with the Ipod fine. ou may get an error message popup that says "A high speed device is..." just ignore it

To swap to a USB card it is just a matter of putting in a new card. However you need SP1 or SP2 to get the drivers to run the card at USB2 levels.

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