USB1 and USB2

  douglas1973 18:48 22 Oct 2004

My son wants to buy an IOMEGA 160GB USB2 external drive as he requires a large amount of storage for the work he produces and sells. Unfortunately he has a faily old computer with two USB1 ports (I don't know any other of his computer's specifications except that it is at least 6 years old and runs on Windows ME).
We have both been seeking advice on whether he can install a USB2 card and if so whether it will function as one or not. Unfortunately we have both received very conflicting advice and would appreciate a definitive and accurate answer.
We realise that the other solution would be to install a second internal drive rather than use an external one but a very unfortunate experience in the not too distant past discourages him from doing this

  spikeychris 19:12 22 Oct 2004

The simple answer is yes you can install a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed PCI Card with WinMe. You will however need the drivers for it to work as ME does not natively support USB2.

  Dorsai 19:31 22 Oct 2004

Most USB2 devices are backward compatible with USB1, so the device should (in theory) work without the card, but well slowly.

Another option might be a CD-writer, but that goes off thread....

  iscanut 20:01 22 Oct 2004

A USB PCI card is fairly cheap and will come with a CD Rom re the drivers for o/s other than XP.

  spikeychris 20:11 22 Oct 2004

Not all PCI cards ship with drivers. Most do, but not all.

  Completealias 20:56 22 Oct 2004

Installing a USB2 PCI card is probably your best option as then you'll get the benefits of the higher transfer rate from USB2. This will mean cracking open the case though.

You said you were reluctant to install a internal hd any particular reason? I only ask because you can purchase an internal drive for a far less price and maybe I or someone else can help with the problems you experienced last time.

  Dorsai 21:05 22 Oct 2004

USB PCI cards, Easy enough to fit, Work (for me, just wanted more ports) But yes, involve opening the box. And if you are going to open the box, why not put in a second HDD.

Dunno the history..

But whatever floats the boat...

  douglas1973 23:47 24 Oct 2004

Very many thanks for all the responses I have received.I am very impressed, particularly with the speed of the responses.
I am going to purchase A USB2 adapter tomorrow and will let ypu know how it goes

  douglas1973 18:29 03 Nov 2004

Installation of USB2 card successful! Thanks everybody

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