USB1 mystery

  porridge 15:41 08 Nov 2003

Any techies out there who can explain this and maybe let me make things work properly please.

I have XP professional, a 900MHz machine, 128 MB memory and the usual hard disk configuration.

I recently bought an HP Optical mouse as my original was beginning to skid and slip. This new mouse has a USB plug The first time I plugged it in nothing happened, it simply did not even light up. Later though I discovered that if I switched on my machine without any peripherals being plugged in, after Windows had loaded and everything was ready for battle, if I plugged the mouse in it worked!! This is also the case with my HP scanner. I have gone to a lot of trouble to find out what is wrong, checked drivers, been on HP site, tried switching from one USB socket to another, but the only way I can get things to work is as described, swicth on my machine without anything plugged in and thge later plugging the uSB things in. Any ideas? Will be gratefully received.


  gold 47 15:59 08 Nov 2003

Is your mouse showing in device manager?? have you
loaded the drivers?? i use an adapter for the USB so i can plug it into the PS/2 socket as you will find if you have todo a reinstall for what ever reason the wizard will not find your mouse.
your RAM should be 250mb or above for XP Home or XP Pro.
Check also the USB card is pushed home and has not
worked loose.

  porridge 10:47 10 Nov 2003

Thank you for your response. The mouse shows in device manager and the USB card is okay. As far as I can see, XP Pro works well enough with 128Mb, but of course I may be missing a lot. I shall consider upping to 256Mb in view of your advice.

Thank you for taking the trouble to try and help me.

The problem is still with me, but I can live with it I expect.

Thanks again,


  plankton 11:30 10 Nov 2003

If you are considering upping to 256Mb, than can I suggest you up to 512Mb, you will notice the difference, especially in response (this may be why you think your mouse isnt working, but is just a slow response). When you load the system with the mouse and scanner attached, it will try to assign memory for the software to run them, if there isnt enough as it's loading windows (even MS suggest minimum 256Mb for this) as well then they will appear to hang....not always the solution, but should be considered.

Scanner software is greedy on memory when running.

  porridge 11:04 11 Nov 2003

Thank you for your advice. I shall certainly look into the possibility of adding more memory. I appreciate your help.


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