USB wireless mouse is acting as Remote Boot-up control - strange ????

  AroundAgain 20:26 07 Dec 2011


I now am running a new machine which I got as BareBones, so had to fit various components and installed Windows 7. All went well and I enjoyed the new experience.

However, I have recently been a bit puzzled why, after shutting the machine down, it would seemingly switch itself on and boot up. This was without me touching the PC. Quite weird, I felt.

Yesterday, I discovered it was due to the USB mouse I use. I have used this mouse for a couple of years or so on my previous PC without any issues. I tested this 'theory' a few times last night. This morning I merely moved the mouse on the desk and the PC switched on and booted normally and the same again this evening.

The PC, monitor, speakers are all plugged into an extension lead which is designed to turn off all equipment that is plugged on it, when the PC is switched off.

Has anyone any ideas as to why this is happening with this machine, please?

Also, is there anything I can do to prevent the mouse being a 'remote control', short of removing the battery each time I switch the PC off and without buying another USB wireless mouse that can be switched off? Using a wired mouse is not an option, though.

Thanks for any suggestions offered.


  robin_x 20:35 07 Dec 2011

Traffic vibration from a 'minor' main road 75' away triggers my mouse upstairs!

Start Search Device Manager right click mouse for Properties, Power Management. Uncheck Allow this device to wake computer.

You should not get problems from Shutdown anyway (only Sleep). Check your Windows 7 Power Options.

  AroundAgain 20:39 07 Dec 2011

Hmmm, that sounds very interesting. Thanks

He! He! I thought you were 'winding me up' when I first started reading about a road triggering your mouse in your reply, assuming my post was thought to be a joke!!! ;) I soon realised you were serious, though!!!

I'll check out your suggestions and post back. Thanks very much


  robin_x 20:44 07 Dec 2011

No joke. Have fun.

  AroundAgain 20:50 07 Dec 2011

@robinofloxley - You're a star and spot-on!!!
Wow! I'm impressed!!! :)

I discovered the mouse was ticked to switch computer on. I didn't know that option was there, or even possible.

Having that option may be useful at some stage but, for the moment, I have unticked the box and so will resort to being 'normal'.

Thanks so very much for your prompt and knowledgeable reponse.


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