USB wireless connection for Printer & Scanner

  Ex plorer 17:22 04 Jan 2009

Hi now I have a laptop is it possible to connect my Printer Canon PixmaIP4000,and CanonScan 5200F, via a USB wireless connection. they both connect by USB.

Unfortunnatly there are no USB ports on the two canons items but can the leads be adapted to receive. I see there are USB Wireless plug-ins, or am I barking up the wrong tree. My wireless Set-up is a BT Voyager 2000

Not sure if this is what I want
click here

Also I prefer to use a mouse as I have a doddery hand, There must be some better wireless than others so again advice would be apreciated.

OS Vista


  howard64 11:11 05 Jan 2009

I am confused by what you say - they both connect by usb - there are no usb ports on the two canons. Either they connect by usb or they dont? If you made it clearer I am sure someone here could try to help.

  Ex plorer 16:05 05 Jan 2009

OK I will try to explain better I want to get rid of having to take the Laptop to the printer to print my work.

My Printer is a Canon PixmaIP4000, can I make this printer connect wireless's.

I know its not a wireless printer, that came along with the PixmaIP4000R.

I saw this and wondered how they work.
click here

I also have CanonScan 5200F, can I make this connect wireless, not essential but just a thought.

My wireless Set-up is a BT Voyager 2000 with available ports.

  howard64 17:10 05 Jan 2009

The simplest thing to do is to have the printer[s] connected to a pc. That pc could then be connected either by ethernet or wireless to your router. I found this about kit you mention.

No matter what you do, cables always get in the way. The AmbiCom Wireless Printer Kit helps to reduce the clutter around your desk by replacing the USB cable between your computer and the printer.

There are no drivers to install, so it's just a case of plugging one wireless plug into a USB port on your PC and the second into your printer.

There is an order you have to follow when installing the wireless kit, but this is explained in the manual.


A list of compatible printers that AmbiCom has tested can be found on the AmbiCom website but we used a printer that wasn't mentioned and it seemed to work perfectly. However, at £60, it is something of a pricey gamble. At one point the computer lost the connection to the printer but resetting the devices quickly starting things running again.

If your printer is within a cable's length of your computer, this kit is really too expensive to be worth considering. And while you can buy extra adapters to let several PCs connect to the same printer, the cost is still higher than running a wireless network with a printer attached to one of the computers.

  Ex plorer 17:37 05 Jan 2009

Hi howard64 I agree £60 is over the top just for the one cable, You found out more than I did, many thanks for your time, experience, and explanations.

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