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usb wireless connection adapters.

  alibob1526 10:47 20 Apr 2010

I am trying to use a usb wireless adapter plugged into my Medion Akoya x7330 d PC which has an ethernet connection. What I wish to do is use my Netgear BT I-player freeview box to connect to the internet via my television. Is this possible while still ethernet connected. I have just bought a Zoom usb wireless G adapter model no. 4410 which apparently supports something called 802.11g & 802.11b.
In the past I had a BT Voyager 1055 adapter which does not work on Windows 7, my operating system.
unfortunately I don't have a clue how to work this wireless setup. Basic instructions please, not technically minded. Thank you in advance for any info.

  mgmcc 22:05 20 Apr 2010

>>> What I wish to do is use my Netgear BT I-player freeview box to connect to the internet via my television

I don't understand what you are trying to do. What has connecting a freeview box to a TV got to do with the internet?

  100andthirty 06:07 21 Apr 2010

Surely your Medion is quite new and will therefore have wireless built in. You can connet this to your wireless router, provided you have one. You have told us about the box connected to your TV, but do you have a router to connect to the internet (possibly a BT Home Hub?) or something else?

  alibob1526 13:37 21 Apr 2010

First, The idea is that using my I-player freeview & my adapter I can use the TV to read emails go on net etc... That was the original idea behind Netgear & BT's I-Player freeview boxes.

As for the Medion,(bought January 2010) the instruction manual does not say whether it is wireless or not. I do have the BT Home hub + hub phone new last month & I am using the internet normally via ethernet cable. Is it possible to use ethernet cable & wireless adapter together or is it one or the other?

  Rigga 14:09 21 Apr 2010

Found this about the BT IPlayer box if it helps anyone else help > click here <

It sounds as though it should be able to access the internet.

Found this page on connecting it via WiFi. > click here <


  alibob1526 19:17 21 Apr 2010

Thanks to Rigga & HTH.R. for your help, much appreciated.

  alibob1526 15:38 04 May 2010

Can anyone recommend a usb wireless adapter that is guaranteed to work on a windows 7 desktop.I bought a Zoom 4410b supporting 802.11g & 802.11b but this refused to update drivers for use on windows 7. I am returning the Zoom so I am looking for a reliable usb wireless adapter for windows 7, I have a BT home hub, the black one.

  alibob1526 15:40 04 May 2010

My desktop is wireless connectible but connected via ethernet at moment.

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