USB Wireless Adaptor connection dropping out

  Pinelea 16:49 08 Nov 2006

My wife's IBM Thinkpad, using W98, has a Belkin USB adaptor, linking with a Belkin ADSL Modem/Router connectd to my Evesham desktop running XP. Generally all is well, but over recent weeks, with ever-increasing frequency, the connection has failed. Sometimes, the connection re-establishes itself, but most times only re-booting makes it good.

We've not moved any concrete blocks in the way, or anything else for that matter. On one occasion, when checking, there was a strong signal from a neighbour's network, but this is not usual.

What can we check, and do, to make for a relaible connection and a contented e-mailing spouse?

  ed-0 17:54 08 Nov 2006

Type into your internet address bar or copy and paste this click here

This will open the belkin utility.

You should have this password protected, enter your password.

Go to wireless > channel and SSID. Open this and move to wireless mode, use the drop down box and pick long range ( mixed ). Apply the changes and exit.

See if this gives you a better connection.

  Pinelea 10:00 16 Nov 2006

Thanks for the tip, which I tried yesterday. All went well until arriving at the wireless mode; the drop-down box wouldn't open! I'll try the procedure on my XP-euqipped desk-top.

Meanwhile. the connections been better (tho' not perfect) since.

  Pinelea 10:04 16 Nov 2006

Sorry, that should have read - "wireless under channel & SID" and it's the same on this desktop.

  Technotiger 10:19 16 Nov 2006

Hi, a similar thing happened with my home network (PC/Laptop) - I corrected it by disconnecting Power to router, waited 10 seconds, then re-connected Power to router and all was well again.

This was advised to me by a nearby Specialist PC Network shop where I had bought my router.


  skidzy 10:24 16 Nov 2006

Hi ed-o hope you are well.
Just thought i would suggest a quick configuration that sometimes works.


As per the ever reliable ed-o,and without knowing much about your could try changing the channel number IE: from possibly channel 1 to something like,lets say 6.

I am assuming it works similar to my D-Link.

Apologies if im wrong.

  ed-0 20:51 16 Nov 2006

Hope you are well M8.


Some good advice from skidzy, you can change the channel.;-)

  skidzy 21:16 16 Nov 2006

All good here mate,just a problem with a dvdrw drive on the super duper rebuilt pc :-))),and no the kids still have not got there hands on it :-0

Pinelea try all the above advice and if still no joy,post back.

  chrisjohn 22:37 16 Nov 2006

i had same problem,next doors was on channel 11,moved mine to channel 5 now ok,also i had linksy 54g router which i had loads of problems with,upgraded to netgear wg834gt,i now have full signal all the time,and upto now has never dropped out.

  ed-0 23:05 16 Nov 2006

good man, keep them off. lol

It would appear that I am going the macintosh route, after Christmas. Now what could the kids mean?. raincoat, butterscotch , bottle of scotch ( yummee );-)

" just a problem with a dvdrw drive on the super duper rebuilt pc "

What's wrong?

  skidzy 23:12 16 Nov 2006

Dont laugh now,i bought a used one off Ebay and must be made for a different case than MicroATX,as the screws do not line up to the drive holes :-)

Gotta laugh really,this system is going to haunt me till the day i go underground.

Still, after xmas the kids can have it.It runs brilliantly and has cd-writer and dvd rom,just wanted to make it into dvd writer,the final nail in its coffin ha ha.

Pinelea....any news ?

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