USB wireless Adapters range?

  YinHoNg 11:40 13 Jun 2005

I'm looking into buying a usb wireless adapter and i was wondering:

how good the range on these adapters are compared to pci adapters?

I had problems with click here because the connection kept dropping out whenever large data had to be sent through the router.

Can anyone confirm that usb adapters generally have the same range strength as pci adapters?

Thank you in advance.

  bjh 11:51 13 Jun 2005

In my limited experience, USB seems to be better - not least because you can stick it on a USB cable and blu-tack it to a wall above the computer, rather than having it hidden down behing an isolating and noisy computer case.

Using Safecom products (ie cheapie-stuff), I easily get 30 metres (& think it did OK at double this) between USB adapters (802.11b), whilst the PCI will work at that range, but shows a slight drop in performance. 802.11g will give a stronger signal, but I'm a skinflint, & won't pay the extra. I don't think you necessarily get a better or stronger signal from the "posh" brands. So, mine too came from Ebuyer, product code 48444 . Unlikely possibility - how powerful is your computer? It might just have a problem maintaining the connection if it is old

  YinHoNg 17:45 13 Jun 2005

Really? Wow, that's surprising cos i was actually expecting a barrage of abuse for usb adapters. The one i'm looking to get is: click here

I've read the reviews but they don't mention much about range you see. I think it should be ok though. I'm gonna get it anyway, and any problems i'll be sure to post it on the pca - cheers

  macca40 20:50 13 Jun 2005

Have a look here. click here

  Kate B 14:24 24 Jun 2005

I'm not keen on the usb wireless adaptors for the same reason that I'm not keen on usb adsl modems: you've got the usb mimicking what the ethernet port does and it in effect adds a further process - and therefore another thing that can go wrong.

I use a Belkin ethernet bridge (marketed for putting consoles on to your wireless network) to connect my desktop pc wirelessly to my router - £50 (and that was a distress purchase in PC World, so I expect you could find it cheaper.
I just ran an ethernet cable between the bridge and the PC and it picked up the connection immediately, didn't even have to install any drivers.

  wags 17:59 24 Jun 2005

I've just RMA'd a Netgear 108mbs USB adapter (along with DG834GT router) to Ebuyer as it was unreliable, dtpos the connection with the router and gets really hot in use(being USB2).

I am getting a 'wired' router next time as my experience of 'wireless' has been disappointing to say the least.

  wags 18:00 24 Jun 2005

woops...second line should have been 'drops' the connection

  Kate B 17:15 25 Jun 2005

wags, pity you didn't try the ethernet bridge solution that I use - it cured all my usb adaptor woes ...

  YinHoNg 23:27 25 Jun 2005

right, tried the usb adapter today. Signal not too great, just a low. Now having problems with speed, it is supposed to be a 54Mbps adapter, yet when i check the status of the connection, it says 6.0Mbps! I've tried to fiddle about with the program that comes with the adapter, but to no avail so far.

I was wondering, could this be due to the fact that my signal isnt very good - thus a fast connection is physically impossible?

  YinHoNg 23:35 25 Jun 2005

just wanted to add my my signal strength is about 30%.

  Forum Editor 17:50 26 Jun 2005

and I must say I've had few problems with them. They're an ideal purchase for people who don't fancy opening the bonnet, as is Kate's solution of an Ethernet bridge.

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