USB Wireless Adapter or PCI card

  rickf 21:34 01 Aug 2008

Hi, I am thinking of retiring my ADSL Cable Modem Router and join the 21st century by going wireless. Should I go for the USB Adapter or the Internal PCI Card and what advantages if any of one over the other?

  woodchip 22:01 01 Aug 2008

Do you mean that you are on BT phone line or a Virgin cable connection. If bt its easy with a USB wireless but not all work with all computers, I suppose that goes for PCI cards also. But you will have to upgrade the Modem to a Wireless Modem Router if on a BT line first

  chub_tor 22:08 01 Aug 2008

USB adapters are simple to use but most have a more limited range than PCI cards. If you have a spare PCI slot and are happy to take the side off to fit it then I would go for that solution.

  skidzy 22:51 01 Aug 2008

Somewhere in the PCA archive you will find a thread i ran on exactly this topic.

And from experience the usb adaptor was by far better.

Basically i have a workshop with a test computer and rebuilds,after fitted a couple of pci wireless cards and then trying a few wireless adaptors...the usb adaptors won hands down.

If you can remember this posted to it if my memory serves me correctly.
Bit late now,but will search for the thread over the weekend.

  woodchip 22:59 01 Aug 2008

No, I am ready for bed also, eyelids got matches under um. Going down to sons tomorrow for him to fit me some new heater control cables, Diverter flaps not working right, control nob is springing

  Ditch999 23:01 01 Aug 2008

A disadvantage of PCI card - aerial stuck round the back of PC and doesn't get the best signal but you can buy an extension lead for a tenner and mag mount it on to the top of the case.

  Ashrich 23:09 01 Aug 2008

What advantage do you expect by going wireless , is the modem a long way from the PC , or do you plan on adding a wireless laptop ?


  rickf 09:50 02 Aug 2008

My reason for wanting to change to wireless is 'cause of the unsightly and untidy cables running thru' my place. I have 2 desktops and 2 laptops, so 4 cables going to different rooms. I am with Plusnet, so I guess its a BT line. Any other thoughts welcome.

  skidzy 12:08 02 Aug 2008

Here we go,took an age to find lol click here

  oldbeefer2 12:21 02 Aug 2008

...are an option, and you can retain your existing modem/router. click here

  rickf 15:54 02 Aug 2008

Hi oldbeefer2,
Thanks, but I would still have wires running or do I just need one from the main comp to the plug?? Don't know how it works and what the set up is. Any info re setup of these would be much appreciated.

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