USB WIFI adapter problems for a singe pc

  theDarkness 20:26 19 Oct 2006

I have bought a MayFlash USB adapter for a wireless device (surprise!) which needs to connect to the internet. I cannot get it to connect! The device has a 'Station MAC address' number which shows up in the pcs wifi program when it tries to connect ('excellent' signal) which is surely a good sign!
I have set the device to 'auto ip' and auto DNS (?). My ip entered manually does not work, and its not static anyway.

I have tried switching my firewall (zonealarm suite) off completely, but that
doesnt help either... does anyone know what the problem could be or if there are any options in XP i would need to change?

OK, I might as well tell the truth- the device is a Nintendo DS! :D for those long bus journeys, lol.
The main problems:
1.the game tells me it cant find an IP and I need to also check 'dhcp' settings (?) my wifi 'accept' addresses do I need anything other than the MAC address thats listed on my DS? I need a bridge adapter (one of the settings on my Wifi?)
4. in my ds settings, there is a blank space for a Nintendo connection ID?

No one in any gaming forum seems to know,
and the ds and psp wifi boards are piled up with users unable to connect. Windows XP comes up with 'cannot set up the network- use the software you were provided' and the basic wifi program with around three sentences worth of instruction was all that I got with the usb wifi. I am running a single pc, -no router- always connected to the net using standard broadband!

anyone?! surely it cant b that difficult! lol :D

  theDarkness 22:43 19 Oct 2006

Ive tried the guide here at setting up
click here
click here

Now my Wifi says 'connected'(!?), strength 'excellent', but is now connecting at 11Mbps?
The DS still says 'cannot find wifi adapter' and I still dont know how to get a Nintendo connection ID?
With the last web link above, the wifi does not have "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection"
in its control panels advanced options, so im stuck there.

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