usb wi fi connection for wired desktop

  Eileanbeag 18:28 04 Aug 2013

I wonder if you could tell me if a usb wifi plugged into a wired computer connected to a router which will accept both will work or does the computer have to have a wifi card?

  Ian in Northampton 18:41 04 Aug 2013

Can you clarify why you would want to have both a wireless and a wired connection? For sure, a USB wireless dongle will work in a desktop - that's how both of mine are connected.

  rdave13 18:44 04 Aug 2013

I think its a case of card or usb won't make a difference. However you'll need to disable LAN for WLAN to work and vice versa. IE, disconnect the Ethernet connection for wireless or disable the wireless for ethernet connection.

  Eileanbeag 20:29 04 Aug 2013

My son has his email as secondary through my BT Account. He has a let through a company that will not allow internet access through any other provider other than themselves at extortionate rates. As he is on a BT fon hotspot I wondered if he could get round this by using my email and sign in and then signing out and back in as his own email. He has no internet access at the moment as it would cost him a fortune.

  Eileanbeag 20:47 04 Aug 2013

How do I disable WAN or WLAN? Do I find that under Internet connections?

  woodchip 21:39 04 Aug 2013

If he is using a Laptop or PC that belongs to the firm he works for you should be able to understand why they do not allow just any connection. So it would be wrong for us to help with suggestions to work round the Admin settings

  rdave13 21:48 04 Aug 2013

Report this "company" as soon as you can to BT. It is a hijacking malware. As he uses the internet under your account be aware that you might also be under threat. Ask him to go to control panel, internet options, connections tab, Lan settings and untick the box for 'Use a proxy server for your Lan....).

Use the BT's security program to run scans on his Laptop but report the issue as soon as you can as he is using your hotspots connections.

  bumpkin 22:11 04 Aug 2013

" He has a let through a company that will not allow internet access through any other provider"

Can you explain this more clearly please.

  Eileanbeag 00:45 05 Aug 2013

He is not working for the company that owns his flat. They will not allow BT or any other provider to give internet access. He has no choice but to use them at an extortionate cost or have no internet provider

  100andthirty 06:49 05 Aug 2013

If I answer the basic question.... on all the computers I have used, wifi and ethernet (wired) co-exist quite happily. The wired one, if connected, will generally take priority. Therefore suggest you install usb dongle, disconnect ethernet cable and try and connect to BTFON.

Let us know how you get on.

  Eileanbeag 08:55 05 Aug 2013

Many thanks - will do but he will not be in a position to try this until next week.

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