USB Voip phone

  mik61ish 10:02 29 Jun 2006

I have recently bought a usb voip phone which it came with a disc which is pretty basic but it is installed as a USB Composite device in Device Manager. I have Skype installed my question is. Is the phone just a speaker come microphone as it doesn't light up when you plug it into the usb slot. Or do you have to Skype out and pay some money for it to work like an ordinary phone I have been into control panel sounds & audio and gone to voice set up generic usb audio device playback & recording. Had a Skype call from China yesterday the voice was coming in on the laptop speakers and I had to talk into the phone so as the caller could hear me!

  ventanas 10:32 29 Jun 2006

The phone should work just like a normal one. You you be able to speak, and hear through it. Mine shows no lights or anything when not in use, but lights up when a call comes in, as well as ringing. There should not be any need to change any of your settings. Mine took about two mins to set up.

You do need to purchase some credit from the Sykpe web site if you are going call a non skype phone, But all Skype to Sykpe are free.

  keef66 11:27 29 Jun 2006

I think there's a setting in Skype itself where you tell it to route sound via the phone. (can't check as I'm at work at the moment) Also you can use the Skype test call to experiment with the settings without phoning anyone. At the moment I still use the pc microphone and speakers, but i'd like to know because I'm considering getting a wireless usb voip phone so my wife can call her sister in NZ without us having the house reposessed.

  herbyeel 14:32 29 Jun 2006

Hi I used to use skype regularily (out) with a recommended VP. over the last few weeks I have been experiencing problems with the phone being able to hear okay but not able to talk. I have tried every setting but to no avail. I got so frustrated that I changed companies (Net 2 phone) and the phone picked up immediately and in fact I get better reception. I believe Skype has changed hands but reception has deterioted over the last few months. (this may have nothing to do with it of course) Regds HE

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