wallbash 14:20 14 May 2004

Have a Asrock K7VM4 mother board, have just installed service pack 1, but WOT next? Have a USB 2 Pen drive which is informing me that my usb ports are USB 1, how can I 'switch on' !!!!


  woodchip 14:24 14 May 2004

Get a belkin PCI USB2 card with Drivers these are needed with a Win98se comp as it will only work at 1.1 without the Drivers

  wallbash 14:46 14 May 2004

As I rebuilt , using the K7VM4, which states on box, 4 Default USB2 and am now running XP pro with Service pack 1, was I wasting my time/money. should I have just bought a seperate
USB 2 card, and if I did how would I have usb2 ports both at front and rear of computer case.


  georgemac 15:06 14 May 2004

have you got the motherboard manual - my a7v333 has 2 usb 1 ports and 2 usb 2 ports, the usb1 ports are in the normal place and the usb2 ports are lower down.

  georgemac 15:09 14 May 2004

have checked - 4 x usb2 ports on rear panel.

Have you loaded the via 4 in 1 drivers - don't think usb 2 will work until these are loaded. click here

  Djohn 15:09 14 May 2004

XP Pro with SP1 will recognise USB 2 if it is on the board and without any extra drivers.

98/98se/XP will require a PCI card with driver as woodchip says.

A PCI card can give you up to 4 extra ports at the rear or you can also buy them with rear ports and a from face-plate giving more at the front of your PC. The USB front face-plate replaces one of your blanking covers normally used for a CD drive.

What make is the board, you've given the model but if you let us have the make as well, someone will check out the site for you. It may just be a matter of enabling it from the BIOS

  Djohn 15:12 14 May 2004

Just noticed it's an Asrock :o(

  Djohn 15:28 14 May 2004

I've just downloaded the manual for a read and it is indeed USB 2 X 4 at the rear + 1 header to give an extra 2 USB 2 ports at the rear.

If your on XPSP1 then there should be no need to install extra drivers as these are included in SP1. Have you run the "Companion" Cd supplied with your board as this enables extra features.

  Djohn 15:29 14 May 2004

Sorry" extra 2 ports at the "Front"

  wallbash 15:30 14 May 2004

quote It may just be a matter of enabling it from the BIOS

This looks more promising, thought it Might be a 'switch' on problem.
Could some one give easy instructions, or should i do wot I normally do and dive in with out a life jacket

  Djohn 15:34 14 May 2004

Can't remember which page it's on wallbash but full guide for the BIOS setting and checking is in the manual with graphics as well. Don't forget to run the CD that came with the board though before you have a look in the BIOS.

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