USB Uninstall in Vista

  dms05 14:21 01 Feb 2008

I want to refresh all my USB ports on my laptop. Under XP I'd go to Device Manager and Uninstall them all, then restart the computer so they all Reinstall.

When I try this in Vista they initially Uninstall but immediately reinstall, apparently without refreshing in the way they did in XP. Is this the case and how can I achieve a result similar to that in XP?

  bluto1 22:11 01 Feb 2008

I dont have Vista but I googled Vista 'Troubleshooting' and got this link.
click here
If it doesn't work for you at least this will kick your request upstairs, hopefully.
There is another post on similar subject.
" USB not recognised "

  Jim_F 09:57 02 Feb 2008

I'm not sure exactly what you want to do but each hub will show you the list of devices and refresh when you press the button. Unplug one and it will disappear.

All USB support in Vista appears to use native (MSoft) drivers so I'm not sure what it would achieve but if you disable and then uninstall the hubs it should stop the auto-recognition and install.

  dms05 11:07 02 Feb 2008

When using XP and a USB port was behaving erratically it was often suggested you uninstall ALL USB ports in Device Manager, then shut the computer down and reboot. This caused the computer to reinstall all the USB ports and this often removed any conflicts that might exist.

When I tried this with Vista the act of uninstalling a USB port caused it to be immediately reinstalled (often with a different number). This didn't seem to have the same effect as under XP (ie Vista wasn't resetting all the USB ports at the same time).

The reason for asking was - I had attached a powered USB hub to my new Core 2 Duo laptop. Up until that point all the USB devices had worked well. However the powered hub degraded all the USB2 ports to USB1 (at least I got the 'this device can opearte faster if you chose a USB2 port' message).

Under XP I could remedy this type of error by reinstalling all the USB hubs. However under Vista I can't achieve the same result as any USB port reinstall immediately it is uninstalled.

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