USB storage - any reliability problems flash/pens

  Cosmic Guerilla 18:35 22 Sep 2004

I am thinking of buying a USB flash/pen drive.

I would be interested to hear users comments as regards reliability.

I expect that USB storage is much more reliable than floppies.

How does it compare to reading and writing to CD-R and CD-RW?

Is reading/writing speed comparable or better than CD? I accept that this question depends on the relevant speed of the CD drive and the relevant speed of the USB storage. So lets just say on an ‘average speed’ new XP pc how do you think an ‘average USB storage device’ would compare to an ‘average’ CD-R/RW drive?

Most important of all though – has anyone had any reliability problems retrieving data stored on USB storage?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:39 22 Sep 2004

Get a 512MB USB2 pen drive and it will be excellent - they are meant for temporary storage - moving files between PCs - much faster and more versatile than are CDs.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:41 22 Sep 2004

click here for a fairly good discussion.

  Cosmic Guerilla 17:40 23 Sep 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus for your quick reply.

That is a very informative article at the link you provided.

Marking this as resolved.

Would still like to hear from other forum members, particularly if anyone has experienced any data loss problems.

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