USB sticks won't work!

  Leepaci 17:15 15 May 2008

I have a PC running Win XP SP2. All USB devices are recognised and work absolutely fine. Until recently this included USB memory sticks but for some reason they have appeared to stop working. I have tried various different memory sticks and tried them in different PCs so I know that is not the issue.
Any ideas why my PC would all of a sudden just refuse to recognise the memory sticks??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 15 May 2008

Refresh USB Ports
Use Drive clean up to remove USB device drive info from the registry
click here
In device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB,
reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.
Your equipment should now be recognised.

  Leepaci 13:36 20 May 2008

Hi Fruitbat, Thanks for that. I have tried what you suggested but this still doesn't work.
All USB devices were reinstalled but when it came to inserting the USB memory stick, the little symbol appeared near the clock indicating that a new USB device was detected but it is still inaccessible in My Computer.

  woodchip 14:24 20 May 2008

try turning the computer off remove battery if laptop and remove mains 230volts plug. press and hold start button on computer for ten seconds, restart computer as normal and retest

  Leepaci 17:38 20 May 2008

I tried your suggestion woodchip which seemed to semi work.
I have a number of mapped drives on my PC. When I rebooted my PC and then inserted the USB stick it appeared as a removable drive (G:\)(as you would expect) but when I doubled clicked it opened up the network share I have mapped as drive G. I have always had this mapping on my PC even when the USB sticks used to work but I can't remember what letter the USB sticks used to get allocated.
The only thing I have changed on my PC recently is the addition of a hard drive which I have partitioned and given two driver letters (D & E). Is it possible that for some reason my PC isn't recognising the USB sticks because it wants to use a drive letter that is already allocated to something else??

  [email protected] 17:48 20 May 2008
  cooki8c 19:09 20 May 2008

some sticks have asmall switch to turn it off or oncheck rounnd the edges and see if it has one and change the position to on

  skidzy 19:19 20 May 2008

Once plugged in,does Disk Management recognise the flash drive ?

If so,reassign a new drive letter such as (Z),i pick Z as this will reduce any confusion.

Remove the flash drive and reboot,plug the drive back this now seen in My Computer ?

Changing the drive letter;

Start / Right click My Computer / Manage / Storage / Disk Management.Right click the flash drive if seen and change drive letter and path.

  Leepaci 11:19 21 May 2008

I checked the usb sticks and none of them have on/off switches.

I checked in Disk Management and it was trying to use G as it's drive letter which is one of my network drives. I've reassigned it as drive letter Z and all now working ok. Not sure why this happened as G isn't an available drive but all working now. Thanks for your help.

  skidzy 19:40 21 May 2008

Glad your sorted Lee,please do not forget the tick in resolved as this may help others in the future.

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