USB stick problem (not recognized)

  gsirbu 12:23 15 Sep 2018

I recently had a problem with a 128 GB USB Stick that out of the blue stopped working. It wasn't even recognized by the laptop anymore. Although previously with another USB stick i managed to recover the data from it using various programs (recuva, puran, easeus, diskdrill, etc) this time i had no luck. I began to search for solutions on various forums and I did everything there was to be done, untill I realised that the USB Stick was deffective, probably a controller fault. I searched for another solutions because I thought that probably the memory chip had to be intact. Searched various sites untill I stumbled upon RECOVERFAB. I watched one of his videos regarding data recovery and it was all making sense. So this had me convinced in placing an order on his website. I did not pay anything in advance. The data was about 128 GB and after 3 days I got an email saying he recovered the data on the memory chip and sent me a sample of the files that were on disk. It was all there, I couldn't believe my eyes. Especially some important files that I had from work and wasn't backed up anywhere else. So, do not put any trust in USB Sticks especially if there are noname ones, someday you could loose your data. For me it was a lesson learned and from now on I will back up everything in at least two places. So if everyhing else fails or you do not know how to deal with this kind of things, get in touch with RECOVERFAB and you will be amazed with the results. I hope this helps someone as it helped me.

  KEITH 1955 12:21 16 Sep 2018

when I first read this post I thought it was spam but I googled RECOVERFAB and they are a German company that offered the service that was required to fix the problem gsirbu described so under forum rules I don't think this thread can be labeled as spam.

Some people probably have never used flash drives/usb sticks before so I would like to pass on the following tips.

Never remove a stick from your pc without first doing right click on it and choosing eject. You will find the stick under THIS PC

As gsirbu has found out even usb sticks are not 100% reliable . Call this overkill if you want but I have separate pens for doc/photos/vids/music/unrun downloads , and just in case the worse happens I have a compilation of all of them on another pen.

Never leave a stick you are not using in a pc , just because it is on the outside of your case instead of the inside don't get fooled into thinking it wont get hit by an attacker or a virus , it is still part of your working pc

  KEITH 1955 12:32 16 Sep 2018

forgot to add to the above post some people who have never used a usb stick before don't realise that when you delete something from a stick its gone for ever , the deleted items DO NOT go to your recycle bin

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