USB Stick Problem " Have I Killed It"

  Jumper2031 17:28 22 Aug 2008

Hi I recently brought a EMTEC 4Gb Red USB Memory stick from Tesco,s.

Whilst trying to remove 3 corrupt picture files on the drive I removed the FAT 32 file system from the drive by accident.This was done either through me formatting the drive then error checking through Tools.

If I plug in the USB drive I get the symbol of the drive under my computer but if i try to open it i get the message "Please insert a drive into drive H".

The used space and free space showing 0 bytes and the file system is showing unknown under properties.

Is the stick now dead or can I recover it to work again?

I use the stick on a Windows XP Service pack 3 operating system.

Any help would be appreciated.

  ICF 17:32 22 Aug 2008

Can you not just right click and select format.Then format it in fat 32

  Jumper2031 17:45 22 Aug 2008

If I right click it and select format I just get the message "there is no drive in drive H please in
insert a disk and try again"

Ive also tried going through the Disk Management it doesn't list it in the top list under volume. it does list it under disk 1 removable (H) but states no media. If i click on properties its listed as sayes it is working properly. Also the driver is there. However the file system is missing as if i put another stick in it shows up no problem and windows XP shows it.

  woodchip 17:56 22 Aug 2008

I would try this on a 98se comp if you can to formate it with a Right click

  woodchip 18:01 22 Aug 2008

I would try this on a 98se comp if you can to formate it with a Right click. There is another way If you have the computer BIOS set to see USB. You could use a 98se Floppy from click here Tenth file from top download it then with a Floppy in the drive double click the file you downloaded. Set BIOS to Boot from Floppy Boot with Floppy and at the A:\>

FORMATE then space then Drive letter of USB stick press enter

  Jumper2031 18:14 22 Aug 2008

I dont own a USB Floppy Drive so cant use that option. Thanks for the advice anyhow.

  ICF 18:33 22 Aug 2008

Start run then type DISKMGMT.MSC then see if you can format it from there

  Ditch999 21:48 22 Aug 2008

I have the HP Drive Key Boot Utility programme (527kb) which was designed to format USB flash disks in preparation for making them into boot disks. It does a better job than Windows and if you want a copy PM me.

  kjrider 10:27 23 Aug 2008

Take it back to Tescos and get a replacement.

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