USB STICK nothing on

  Jade 14 G 16:27 27 Dec 2006

usb stick l thought l had put all my files in word on just tried it and all that it came up with was a square pale bue whatever, now onto my 6 th problem

  VoG II 16:34 27 Dec 2006

Does it have a little switch? Try moving it to the open position.

  Jade 14 G 16:40 27 Dec 2006

Need to get files on new computer when it arrives but my memory stick has just downladed PV8 files in stead of word ones that l put on
CD drawer wil not open as its jaammd so cannot copy that way,is there any storage on the web that will keep safe as there all my online classes and thats my job

  Technotiger 17:08 27 Dec 2006

Hi, If you still have your files in Word on your hard-drive, perhaps you should re-format your usb stick and then transfer the said files onto it again.

Jammed tray - you should be able to see a pin-hole on the front of the drive, this is for emergency opening of the tray - switch off pc and then insert something like a straightened-out paper-clip, push this gently into the pin-hole, this should open the tray.

Good luck ... hope you have had a lovely Christmas/Thanksgiving!

  Technotiger 17:09 27 Dec 2006

ps - although I said 'push this gently' it does sometimes need a bit of pressure!

  Jade 14 G 17:26 27 Dec 2006

Have just found out there my pictures of my classes on stick, don't know l opened it but it worked . Now l want to get all my docs word files of but don't seem to work. Have gone from my computer to removable storage and can't get any further
Is it possible to mix on stick pics and word docs together.
Sorry for all the questions. All of you that help me have a wonderfull new year and l hope l don't bother you so much as this year.

  Technotiger 17:27 27 Dec 2006

Yes it is possible, provided you have enough room on stick.

  Technotiger 17:36 27 Dec 2006

Left-click on My Computer, then right-click on the icon of your stick (it should have a name, probably UDISK followed by a device letter i.e. (D:), (E:) or similar), then Left-click on Open -this should then show you everything on your stick, probably in folders.

  Technotiger 17:39 27 Dec 2006

Also you should Right-click on the icon of your stick in My Computer and then Left-click on Properties (last on the list) - this will then show you how much space on your stick had been used and how much is unused. Let us know here what those figures are.

Ask as many questions as you like, that is what we are here for!!

  Jade 14 G 19:00 27 Dec 2006

have just doneit and as soon as l clicked one removabe it uploded word files.
The numbers you wanted are, used space 3698.688bytes 352mb
free space, 251,867,136bytes 240 mb
Capacity, 2565824 bytes 243 mb
What l canot remembe ishow l put more word files on.
Have orderd a big storage box from pc world sale, half price.
If l don't answer straight away l havejust remeberd l haven't eaten since this morning and ( l have to see emmerdale (g)

  Ray5776 19:08 27 Dec 2006

The USB stick should show in "My computer" as another drive, you can then use Windows Explorer and drag and drop what you like onto it untill it`s full.
Just another suggestion but I find this the easy way.
Good luck.


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