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USB Stick not recognised Win XP

  anniesboy68 12:20 25 Feb 2009

Suddenly my sons usb stick containing work info is not recognized on his PC or laptop. Of course there is no backup, silly boy. Any ideas?????

  anniesboy68 12:48 25 Feb 2009

No, it's not recognised on the laptop they have.
Will have a look tonight, thanks.

  T0SH 14:26 25 Feb 2009

I have had success with both

PC Inspector Smart Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery

in the past both are free ware and reasonably easy to use

Google finds download sources for both

Cheers HC

  anniesboy68 19:02 25 Feb 2009

Ta Tosh, but the drive cannot be accessed, i.e not showing in My Computer as a drive.

  anniesboy68 10:25 26 Feb 2009

Apparently the drive IS recognized but will not open. Unfortunately this is all at another location, but I will try to get my hands on it soon.

  anniesboy68 19:03 15 Mar 2009

I have the offending drive now. It is recognized in "My Computer", but when clicked to open the computer says " Please insert a disk into drive xxxx.iIt is NOT recognized in disk management. And this happens on all my computers 2xVista and 1 XP. Any ideas now?

  anniesboy68 20:25 21 Mar 2009

Took it to a specialist. No luck so closing this thread.

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