From usb stick to disk

  gazmix 16:39 10 Oct 2008

I have this digi voice recorder that can connect to my pc via usb.

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I want to put files that i have recorded onto a disk. What do i need, software etc, to download from this device onto disk.


  LAP 17:19 10 Oct 2008

Your WS-200S records in Windows Media Format, in which case (i stand to be corrected) connect up (USB) your recorder and open up Windows Media Player. Then locate your recorder open up the file and play it. Then you can select burn to disk ect.

  gazmix 11:39 11 Oct 2008

Ok, when i play the file i gues the media player has options via the top menu!
Do i save in 'my music' or just burn straight to cd from the player?, just not sure how to go about it.

  DieSse 13:15 11 Oct 2008

"I want to put files that i have recorded onto a disk."

What format do you want them in?

mp3, wma, another digital file format - or a standard audio CD?

  LAP 15:43 11 Oct 2008

On my Media Player if you click on the bottom left hand side of the 'Media' taskbar a grey oblong appears which if you right click on it gives you the 'Save As' etc options.

I do not use Media player to burn discs, but it must be fairly simple.

Perhaps DieSse will give you the answer. Note he's asking what format!

  gazmix 16:05 11 Oct 2008

I'm not particularly sure, as they are for my tutor at uni to play back. I assume it'd be in WMA as i guess they will be played back on uni pc.


  DieSse 16:16 11 Oct 2008

If they're already wma, and you want them on CD as wma - then you can just drag them across from one to t'other and let XP copy them for you.

  LAP 20:19 13 Oct 2008

How did you get on?

  LAP 10:29 21 Oct 2008

How did you get on. If you post a result it will help others. 'It's good to talk'

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