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  rdh660 09:59 05 Feb 2009

I have just purchased a new monitor with the help of PC Advisor Helproom members. My previous monitor had built in speakers but this one does not. I know that monitor speakers are usually pretty awful but I do not play games or require any brilliant musical playback so they suited me perfectly. IF I can help it I would like to avoid PC speakers to eliminate wires/transformer/use of space etc and have noticed that some USB speakers seem to be very small and would seem to offer just what I need at a little cost. However I am not sure how they work... Do these simply plug into a USB port without need for any other power and how do you control the sound from them eg muting and other functions. Also any suggestions regarding as to whether they shoud be avoided or a good basic set to purchase would be appreciated.
regards Rob

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:08 05 Feb 2009

Hi rh6, I agree USB speakers are very good for people who don't want to plug into the power socket.

There is often confusion with how these 'USB speakers' work. They are exactly the same as any other speakers, they have the same jack plug you would use on a ordinary set of speakers - they just draw power from the USB. No installation is required and they will work on any computer. The most basic set will give you a reasonable quality like you would have if they were mounted on the monitor. You can often get them really cheap off ebay or pay about £10 - £15 in most computer shops.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:12 05 Feb 2009

Most of them will have a volume control on it, if not you can control the sound output using the icon in your bottom right hand tray.

click here - Quick search on Maplin. These seem very good for the price. It doesn't have a volume control but as I said, you can use the windows volume control.

It's a shame I don't sell these speakers myself, I feel I may have got a sale!

  rdh660 10:17 05 Feb 2009

Thanks for the quick responses and 'Yes' I think you certainly would have had a sale Big Ben. Ebay certainly have some at really cheap prices but I am always a bit scared as to what I am buying from there. Still nothing much to lose is there ?.
Thanks again

  Miké 10:24 05 Feb 2009

Some USB speakers only connect to a usb port with no further connection required, but most low cost ones are as Ben says.

  rdh660 10:43 05 Feb 2009

Thanks Mike
If I buy ones that only use the USB poet and don't plug into the sound on the PC can I still control them through the sound icon near the clock or do they use some control panel of their own through software or similar ? ...sorry if this is a bit of a real novice type question .

  Miké 10:49 05 Feb 2009

Yes! in my experience anyway.

  rdh660 10:51 05 Feb 2009

PS sorry Mike mean't to write USB port not poet....didn't rhyme anyway.!!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 12:39 05 Feb 2009

If you mean speakers like these click here

You could use the volume control in windows for sure. Due to the audio coming out of the USB port as it were, there is probably a virtual sound card driver required.

I would get a set that has the seperate audio connection, it will work out cheaper and there is less hassle involved.

  Muergo 14:33 05 Feb 2009

Haven't you an audio/visual output on your PC, colour coded red/black or pink/green, I use these to feed my Sony audio system and separate TV (yellow)for downloading/streaming from BBC iPlayer.
Speakers are two types, passive have a big? permanent magnet but active have an electromagnet that needs plugging in to power supply, usually 9v or 12v via plug in power supply.

  rdh660 17:24 05 Feb 2009

Thanks for all the help once again.
Decided to go for the simplest solution of speakers attached via green sound output from PC but powered by USB port.

Regards to all Rob

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