Sir Chief 14:23 16 Jul 2013

I plug the usb cable of my printer to USB POrt of my desktop pc. The USB Sparks and the Desktop Computer has no power. I tried to test the Desktop to other power outlet but still not powering up. PLease help what should i do to power-up my desktop again

  wee eddie 14:54 16 Jul 2013

First - Check that the wires are connected the correct way round and that the Earth Wire, on the Printer and the PC, is/are properly connected.

IF you are lucky, just the fuse on the PC will have blown.

  spuds 15:05 16 Jul 2013

Have you tried another USB cable.

With mention of sparks, lets hope its only a fuse or protection device requirement?.

It sounds like an earthing problem, any loose wires or connections?.

  Sir Chief 15:20 16 Jul 2013

I checked the other device that are connected to my pc, they are still working.. The Monitor, KeyBoard, Mouse. The only problem is my CPU dont have power. I test other powercord for the CPU but still no power.

How can i see the fuse of the PC? where it is located?

  spuds 16:16 16 Jul 2013

I am finding this a little difficult to follow.

You say that you have power, and that all devices are working. Yet you say that you don't have power to the CPU. What are you referring to as the CPU (Central Processing Unit - Central Power Unit/PSU - Central printing Unit)?.

Any fuses or safety cut-outs would either be in plugs, fuse boards or internals (PSU?).

  Sir Chief 16:28 16 Jul 2013

After the incident of sparks of USB Port on my CPU Unit. The CPU Unit shutdown.

The Whole unit of my CPU are not powering up. If you plug the powercord to outlet still no power supply to my cpu. I tested the powercord of my cpu to other unit the cord is ok. AS result of previous incident, only CPU UNit has been affected by the sparks of USB POrt.

  bumpkin 16:52 16 Jul 2013

Sir Chief, can you clarify this please, do you mean the power supply unit PSU. I assume that you do, if so is the fan running?

  Sir Chief 18:13 16 Jul 2013

Sir this is the scenario happen:

I plug the USB Cord of my printer to USB port of My CPU suddenly it sparks and my CPU suddenly stop. I tried to power it on again by pushing the power button but cannot power it on. I check the powercord and its working. It seems the problemn now is on my cpu due to sparks of USB.

can you help me..the CPU unit is not running

  spuds 18:29 16 Jul 2013

I gave three options or possible indications that might have the answer to what you are calling a CPU unit.Is it anyone one of those three, if so, which one. If it isn't anyone of those, then try to explain what you mean as CPU?.

Printers can be connected via a USB cable, and you originally indicated that this was the (shorting) problem, the USB connection between the printer and computer?.

  bumpkin 18:38 16 Jul 2013

Spuds, call me cynical if you wish but check his profile.

  Sir Chief 18:53 16 Jul 2013

Sorry if i mislead all of you about my term.

What i mean for CPU is the SYSTEM UNIT. Sorry for the inconvenience.

When i plug the USB Cable of my printer to USB POrt of my SYSTEM UNIT, suddenly it has electric sparks. From then my SYSTEM UNIT Shutdown and canno anymore power it on.


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