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USB sockets difference twix V1 and V2?

  Simsy 19:48 24 Jan 2010


Dad's PC has died terminally, and a new one has been ordered...

There is a possibility that in the near future I will build a new PC...

I might use his old case. It's an ATX midi tower Evesham circa 2002, and is mechanically well built...

It has 2 UBS sockets on the front. These are/were USB1, as per the original machine. Are these actual sockets different to USB2 sockets? That is to say, if I do go ahead and build a new PC using this, with a modern mobo that has USB 2, and I connect from a USB 2 header on the mobo to these sockets will they work at USB 2, or is there something about them that makes them inherently USB1?

Sockets on the front is essential, so if they'll stay as USB1 then I won't use it... (I'm only trying to save the price of a case, and I'll buy a new PSU anyway)

Thanks in advance,



  mgmcc 20:12 24 Jan 2010

There are two USB standards currently in use:

USB 1.1 (12Mbps) and USB 2.0 (480Mbps)

USB 1.0 (1.5Mbps) is now totally obsolete.

A USB 1.1 port *cannot* be upgraded to USB 2.0 - new hardware for the faster port speed needs to be installed.

  Simsy 20:22 24 Jan 2010

but when you say *cannot* are you using the *s for emphasis, or to indicate the normal situation?

I will be installing new hardware, by having a new motherboard, and the leads from IT will be going to the sockets...

Are you saying/confirming that the actual SOCKETS themselves are different?




  Technotiger 21:09 24 Jan 2010

I would assume that if the front sockets are connected to a new mobo with USB Headers, then they would become USB2 sockets.

  Technotiger 21:11 24 Jan 2010

Slight correction .... to a new mobo with USB2 Headers, ...

  sidecar sid 21:39 24 Jan 2010

Technotiger is correct.
Your new motherboard will allmost certainly have a USB2 header so your front sockets will become USB2.

  Simsy 04:12 25 Jan 2010

I hoped that was the situation.




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