usb slots dont work

  hugoboss38 17:15 08 Jan 2010

ive got 3 usb slots and not one of them is working ive reinstalled back to factory settings and im still not got my usb slots working can anyone give me advice or help me with this issue please

  hugoboss38 17:17 08 Jan 2010

ive plugged external hard drives memory sticks webcam even a printer and they r not working

  hugoboss38 17:18 08 Jan 2010

my friends laptop is a x40 thinkpad its not got a cd drive

  rawprawn 17:20 08 Jan 2010

You haven't said what OS, but go into device manager right click on the USB drives, and select Uninstall, then re boot your machine, it should load all new drivers.

  hugoboss38 17:27 08 Jan 2010

o sorry running xp home

  hugoboss38 17:56 08 Jan 2010

ive done that but still nothing happening at all

  hugoboss38 18:20 08 Jan 2010

plz helpim at my wits end here

  rawprawn 18:29 08 Jan 2010

Are there any yellow marks in device manager?
I have to go out now but I will look back tomorrow.

  howard64 08:54 09 Jan 2010

have you looked in the bios to see that the usb sockets have been enabled?

  egapup 09:43 09 Jan 2010


  Eargasm 11:58 09 Jan 2010

Here's a link to the Lenovo site for the Thinkpad x40 relating to USB errors.
All the latest drivers can be had from links on that page.

click here

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