USB to serial port

  beeuuem 13:05 27 Nov 2006

Mate has an Acer laptop and wishes to use this for motor diagnostics.
The tool insists that it wants to use port Com 1.
System Manager says Com1 is in use although this port is not shown at all in device manager.
Trying to change the port is not permitted ie XP won't let.
Any advice on how to determine what is using Com 1 or how to find and delete the port with a view to reinstalling it as the USB to serial connection?

  recap 15:20 27 Nov 2006

"Trying to change the port is not permitted ie XP won't let." this is true of any operating system. A COM port is a COM port and cannot be change to a USB port.

You can view the port and delete it in Device Manager. Right click "My Computer" and select Manage/Device Manager. Double click Ports (COM&LPT) to view the properties of the port/s, here you will also be able to disable the port under Device Usage.

  beeuuem 15:39 27 Nov 2006

It was my intent to try to remove COM1 and let XP work it out on a reboot. He is using a USB to serial adaptor as his laptop does not have a serial port.
Speaking from the depths of ignorance I assume that this emulates a serial port.

On loading the software and running the programme he receives an error message that the device canot be found on COM1.

On trying to change the device to COM1 in the settings the message is received that COM1 is in use and the world will end if he tries to use COM1 and it won't let him change thport to anything elses.
In Device Manager -Ports (COM&LPT) COM1 is not displayed
Loading the programme and attaching the diagnostic tool on my PC all works perfectly using the serial port or the USB to Serial adaptor. The only obvious difference is that on my PC COM1 is not in use.

When last seen my mate was tearing out the remains of his hair and looking for a used laptop with a serial port!!!

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