USB removing peripherals? Correct procedure?

  compumac 11:32 26 Jan 2007

Just purchased a 7 port USB powered hub and have all ports filled. What are the procedures, if any for removing a peripheral item from the hub and replacing it with another. Can you just remove and change?

  rawprawn 11:38 26 Jan 2007

I have never had a problem just pulling the plug

  Sethhaniel 11:41 26 Jan 2007

in explorer - and select 'eject' from menu
or click the 'safely remove hardware' button in the system tray and select the device letter ;)

  Totally-braindead 12:02 26 Jan 2007

compumac as far as I am concerned you can just pull the plug with most items but it is inadvisable in certain cases to do this with storage devices. If you pull the plug on a storage device instead of using the shut down/disconnect thing and it is still running as you unplug it you can corrupt the data making the info on it useless.
If it isn't a storage device like an external hard drive I don't bother and just pull the plug but if its my external hard drive I always use the disconnect software to be safe.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:03 26 Jan 2007

"Can you just remove and change?"

For most things, yes.

  compumac 13:14 26 Jan 2007

I assumed that you could just remove each item without a problem, but earlier in the week I had a problem where two of the items connected to the hub could not be seen, one was a webcam and the other an external hard drive. Subsequently I connected the hard drive directly into the PC, and replaced the webcam with another. I have not knowingly had any problems since. Thanks for prompt replies.

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