USB Rear PCI Plate To Connect To Mobo Header

  [DELETED] 14:51 10 Sep 2003

Will this nightmare never end...

Setting up a new PC (Still - see various threads)

Case came with Front USB ports which connected to the USB headers on the Mobo.

There is a second set of headers for an optional rear ports (Looks like a PCI Blanking plate with two ports and a cable to connect to Mobo)

I had one spare but the plug on my spare has two holes filled so it can't go on the Mobo header.

The Mobo header is 2 x 4 pins (4 pins for each port)

Can anyone point me as to where i can buy another USB Port for the rear with a 4 x 2 USB Plug or preferably with the cables having individual plugs....

Does that make sense???

  [DELETED] 15:07 10 Sep 2003

click here this what your looking for?

  [DELETED] 16:47 10 Sep 2003

Almost certainly - however I've found a way to pull the connectors out of the plug still no the wires allowing me to connect them individually. Using Insulating Tape to prevent shorts.

Thanks very much...

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