USB to PS2 keyboard adaptor - Not Working

  CLONNEN 17:35 16 Dec 2005

One of our computers (a Packard Bell refurbished model) came with a USB keyboard. The computer has a triple boot system of ME, 2000 and XP on it.

Recently it has come to our attention that when we boot into the XP system the USB keyboard sometimes stops working - we have to hold in the power button for about 5 seconds to shut off the computer and then turn the power back on. It usually eventually notices the keyboard after about the third attempt.

So I thought lets get a USB to PS2 adaptor so we can plug the keyboard into the PS2 socket which should be more reliable as far as detecting the presence of the keyboard goes - after all our other 2 computers have PS2 keyboards which have NEVER neglected to notify the system of their presence.

Unfortunately when I plug the USB keyboard into the USB to PS2 Adaptor the keyboard does not work. NONE of the 3 systems seems to be able to detect it. Any ideas?

  DieSse 17:44 16 Dec 2005

I'd cut your losses and just get a new PS/2 keyboard

Adapters are never really good solutions - and it may be that the real problem is that the keyboard itself is at fault!

  CLONNEN 17:51 16 Dec 2005

Keyboard works fine when it is plugged into the USB port except for when booting into XP.

Maybe I should try taking the PS2 keyboard from one of the other computers and see if that works on the Packard Bell.

I do seem to remember back when we first got the Packard Bell that the USB keyboard wouldn't work until we went into the BIOS and Enabled the USB Keybaord setting - maybe we need to Disable it for PS2 keyboards to be recognised?

  CLONNEN 18:56 16 Dec 2005

WORKS with PS2 keyboard from another computer so it is not the BIOS setting affecting the keyboard detection.

Looks like the USB to PS2 adaptor is at fault. It was brand new out of the packet. I wonder if I can get a refund (I doubt I'll be able to return it before Christmas is upon us - don't want it getting lost in the post).

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