USB TO PS/2 Converter

  Nick052 17:21 27 Jul 2004


I have a USB keyboard and a USB mouse that I want to connect to the old Mouse and Keyboard sockets on a tower.

Anyone know where i can get the converters from?

I have found plently of places offering converters for the other way round (PS/2 to USB).


  Dorsai 17:36 27 Jul 2004

I have one, for a mouse. it came from work. A new mouse came with it, and the person who's PC it was for plugged the mouse, compleate with converter, into his PS2 mouse plug. It did not work very well, and he asked me to 'have a look' at his mouse, as it was 'playing up'. I turned his PC off, plugged the mouse, minus converter, inot the USB socket, and the problem was solved.

The moral is, they don't seem to work very well.

Have heard this also from a friend who works for a software company. They chuck them in the bin when they arrive with keyboards/Mice.

  jonnytub 17:41 27 Jul 2004

if you still want to try email me and you can have mine for nowt, got 3 in total from old pc's, they just seem to appear from nowehere :-)

  Dorsai 17:49 27 Jul 2004

Ditto Jonnytub's post. Yours for free.

  jonnytub 19:00 27 Jul 2004

As requested by email, 2 are snail mailing their way to you now.

  jonnytub 19:33 27 Jul 2004

Just to be sure check the photo's i've just taken (apologies for quality)click here i used this site click here posted earlier by Djohn, very handy!!!

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