USB problems - devices kind of freeze PC

  mcds01 12:05 29 Jun 2005

Ok I'm having a major problem with USB on my PC. Whenever I plug a device (such as my ipod or phone) The screen flickers and I can no longer move my mouse sideways - the pointer only goes up and down. Windodws XP finds the devices OK but I cant do much because I have no mouse control.

Any ideas? I have checked all jumper settings and they appear to be fine.

I have a slight inkling that it may be a power issue? It doesnt seem to happen with devices that dont draw much power - a 256Mb USB drive for example.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  Graham ® 12:15 29 Jun 2005

Check in Device Manager, USB Root Hub, Action, Properties, Power.

  Graham ® 12:17 29 Jun 2005

Also, try putting the PC into standby, then plugging the device in. This will wake up the PC without frightening it to death.

  mcds01 13:09 29 Jun 2005

What am i looking for in the power section?

  Graham ® 13:49 29 Jun 2005

You can see what power the various devices are drawing, and maybe re-arrange them. The maximum power available is normally 500mA, so plugging in a high power device to a hub already near this figure will cause problems.

You may have to invest in an additional hub or an external powered hub. Any ADSL modem needs to be on a hub on the PC, preferably on its own.

  jack 14:01 29 Jun 2005

There are two kinds of USB devices.
Those that rely on power from the PC through the cord, and those that are self powered - like a printer.

The more of the former[those that rely on the PC for power] are plugged in the more power drain there is on the power supply, Eventually the computer will stop/freeze or even shut down.

The good rule is

If you aint using it - un plug it!

  woodchip 14:27 29 Jun 2005

This is a XP USB driver don't know if you have loaded it click here=

Also check this link out http: //
Copy paste the link above into address bar then close spaces before and afyrt // then press enter

  mcds01 15:35 29 Jun 2005

This happens when I have no devices in at all - I plug in my ipod and it will "freeze" surely an ipod shouldnt use up all the available power?

I have SP2 installed which i belive has the apprioriate usb2 drivers.

  mcds01 15:40 29 Jun 2005

Just been chatting to someone and they reckon it could be my power supply. Its pretty old - 250W I think.

I have 3 hard drives in the machine so maybe its just an issue of there not bieng enough power!?

  Graham ® 16:56 29 Jun 2005

You could be right, 250W is not enough these days. Choose a new one carefully click here

  bruno 17:01 29 Jun 2005

Are you plugging it in directly to the PC or going through a hub?Try it direct with nothing else in,if you have not already done so.

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