usb problem

  pc mad 20:35 18 May 2003

hello, wonder if some one can help me, i am trying to install some usb ports on to my pc in to a pci slot, as the exhisting ones dont work, windows searches for the drivers and installs them ok, but when i look in device manager a yellow ! has come up next to the usb port,i open it up and find the following error message "the device can not start code 10" i have installed these usb ports sucessfully on another computer, so i know that they work ok, can any one advice me please, thanks

  howard60 20:44 18 May 2003

in the bios and enabled usb support?

  pc mad 20:54 18 May 2003

no i havent looked in the bios, howard60, could this explain why the exhisting usb ports dont work?

  bambam005 21:05 18 May 2003

Which modem are you using ? This more often than not happens with laptops as well . Can you try a powered hub instead ? Code 10 means that the power supply is just not high enough .

Are you getting any lights on the modem and does the error say drivers not loaded or equivalent?

  woodchip 21:23 18 May 2003

In bios there is a USB Enable and Disable

  woodchip 21:24 18 May 2003

PS if it's a very old comp bios may not support USB

  pc mad 21:56 18 May 2003

hi , i am installing the usb ports to connect up a printer , the modem works fine , the error says the drivers were installed but may not work because of a problem with the installation, i dont think the pc is that old the 0riginal usb ports are connected straight on to the mother board so surly must support usb

  woodchip 22:09 18 May 2003

It will be OK then there is no need to go into Bios if you have a USB modem. What I think the problem is, that when you plugged the printer in it asked for windows disc etc and you clicked ok. that's what the problem is. Go to Device manager and remove all USB that you can see in there, then unplug the printer and reboot your computer. when it gets back and reinstalls USB for modem etc Plug the printer in and when it says that it's found new hardware etc click cancel until it goes away then put the Printer CD in with the printer turned on and load the software and drivers. Before you do the above make sure that the printer does not show in Add/Remove programs if it does you need to remove it first

  woodchip 22:17 18 May 2003

PS you are not tying to install a USB card and Printer both at the same time are you????

  bambam005 23:25 25 May 2003

What's the OS?

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