USB Printers

  TheTerminator 10:41 10 May 2003

When I went home last weekend, I put a USB cable (rather than a parallel cable that had been used for 2 years before) into my parents printer. However I can't really see any benefit as a result of me having done this!
Can anyone tell me what the benefits of doing this are?
I was under the impression it would be quicker/smoother/faster/nicer etc...

The only thing I have noticed is that some other options have appeared when I go to File-Print Preview etc.. and going to printer settings.

Anyone older and wiser able to tell me? Thanks

  Gongoozler 11:07 10 May 2003

I think the data transfer is faster, but the time to print a page is usually determined more by the speed of the printer mechanism. I think the main advantage for most people is that the cable is thinner and so easier to route and it is cheaper, a pc can have several usb ports and most important is that almost all modern printers only have usb connections anyway.

  _Treb_ 11:27 10 May 2003

I have 2 printers installed on my system, 1 parallel and 1 USB. If required I can use both printers at the same time. USB is definitely faster.

  The Sack 11:29 10 May 2003

When you had to connect the printer and scanner via the parallel port you couldnt print if you were scanning, with USB you can and thats about the biggest benfit, it splits the printer and scanner up.

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