USB Printer Problems..

  TheShoopShoopSong 23:06 12 Jan 2003
  TheShoopShoopSong 23:06 12 Jan 2003

Hi i have a USB printer running Win98, but my printer software wont recognise the USB connection. I have an Epson C20UX, and have downloaded the latest drivers and software, yet to no avail. Windows see's the USB printer in the device manager, but the epson software wont acknowledge that an USB link is present, all it has is the standard LPT1 connection and com ports 1 and 2. I've tried manually configuring teh setting under the printer properties also in windows, but still nothing. What have i missed?

  AndySD 23:25 12 Jan 2003

Go Start/Settings /Control Panel choose Add/Remove Programs and remove any Epson entries if any...Now go Start/Settings choose Printers and Right Click on the Printer and Delete it. Unplug the Printer from the PC and Reboot the PC. Now run the Drivers... when it says Looking for the printer plug it back into the PC.

  TheShoopShoopSong 23:28 12 Jan 2003

Believe me, I have tried that many times also yet still nothing =( I've been browsing the Epson website, yet still nothing. The Help Me guide on the Cd isnt the most helpful of things also.

  AndySD 23:53 12 Jan 2003

Ok then go to the device manager and remove the USB entries and reboot.

  closhty 00:23 13 Jan 2003

had same problem with HP usb printer,on a win98se set-up and to be hon'est changing cable,s might seem an easy option in the end, but if you reall'y wan't to have a go reply and i,ll sit down and spend half an hour to give you the basics of the workaround i,ve got. it's not prett'y but it works.

  TheShoopShoopSong 00:58 13 Jan 2003

Lol ive been considering to get a new cable, but we have an old aying where we come from and it goes like this: "the shops are closed now, ill go tommrow when they open" =) but i guess i still would like to know how to sort out this problem, so please tell..........

  closhty 01:15 13 Jan 2003

will do, too late to think now. 800 or less in the pm. soon.

  TheShoopShoopSong 01:21 13 Jan 2003

thanks alot closhty, the help is going to be very much appreciated =) !!!! All the best for now!

  AndySD 01:23 13 Jan 2003

I've been racing my brain on this as I've had this problem myself some years ago and its to do with the way the usb drivers are loaded. Now I cant remember if I just disabled the devices in the Device manager one by one and rebooted after each or removed them all then ran the Epson Drivers or removed them and didnt reboot but used add/remove hardware... I will dwell on it a little more.

  Kyomii 02:07 13 Jan 2003

Are you using a USB keyboard too? If so, make sure USB keyboard support is enabled in BIOS because it will cause conflicts with the USB printer if not.

Make sure that adequate USB support is enabled in the BIOS as this can cause problems, especially if you are using other USB devices (like a keyboard).

To enable USB in the BIOS, look for the following:

USB Keyboard support - Make sure this is enabled even if you are NOT using a USB Keyboard.

Make sure that Legacy USB Support is set to Enabled

Also, enable IRQ for USB - (just to check)

Also, check your printer port settings in BIOS and make sure it is set to at least ECP (Enhanced Capability Port)in BIOS and not just EPP.

Also try going to device manager via control panel and see if any USB ports/devices are listed as unrecognised or disabled. If they are, enable them and/or load the USB drivers from your Win 98 CD and/or the printer CD.

Finally, when installing the Epson printer, it is very important not to plug the USB cable in until the drivers are loaded (the software will show you when you should plug the cable in) - doing so can cause a multitude of problems.

Also make sure the printer is turn on when you plug your USB cable in.

You can also boot to safe mode and remove any "ghost devices" if all else fails, but I don't think that may be necessary yet.

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