USB ports stopped working

  AndyG2901 10:24 16 Mar 2006

Hi All

I am new to this forum and hope that someone out there can help me. I don't really want to use the recovery disc.

I noticed yesterday that my internet had stopped working. It came from my set top box into a USB connector on the back of my PC.

I tried all the usual stuff, unplugging and reconnecting, turning off the set top box and reconnecting to no avail.

I phoned NTL technical support who advised me to connect my internet straight into the ethernet port on the PC....this remedied the problem.

I have now discovered that none of my peripherals connected to my usb ports are printer, digital camera, mp3.

When connected, I get a balloon appears stating 'USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED'...I assume now that this was also the cause of my internet going down, as this was plugged into a USB port.

Is there a simple way to get the ports working again?



  Totally-braindead 12:08 16 Mar 2006

I would look first under control panel, system, hardware, device manager and check theres no exclamation on the USB ports, it may be something as simple as the driver being corrupted. If there is an exclamation mark then you should be able to right click on it, delete the USB ports and restart the computer, when it restarts it should find the USB ports again and reinstall the driver which will cure it, if its the driver at fault that is.

  AndyG2901 12:27 16 Mar 2006

Alas...there are no exclamation marks!...I am looking under universal serial bus controllers in device manager....any other suggestions?

  CLONNEN 12:34 16 Mar 2006

Are the USB ports ones that came built into the computer when you first got it (underneath the mouse + keyboard ports) OR are they on a PCI expansion slot (bottom of the back of the computer).

If it's a PCI card USB hub maybe the card has been jogged loose (have you moved your computer at all recently?- try removing it from the slot and reinserting it firmly.

  johnnyrocker 12:37 16 Mar 2006

something i have found previously in these forums re this prob (still not sure how it works)power off pc from the mains and hold power button in for about a minute then boot up and it appears to have resolved a lot of probs this way


  CLONNEN 12:38 16 Mar 2006

Are you using XP by any chance?

With my External Hard Drive I often get the USB Device Not Recognized message - leave the USB device in the switched on position, Restart the computer, during the Windows Startup when it loads the icons into the System Tray it recognizes the USB device and everything is hunky dory.

Never happens on earlier Windows versions - they recognize as soon as stuff is plugged into the USB port. With XP it only seems to see them properly during Startup not anytime after.

  Totally-braindead 12:43 16 Mar 2006

As johnnyrocker says this has worked with USB problems in the past. I know it perhaps sounds a bit silly but theres no harm in trying it.
If that fails then what I would do is delete the USB ports from device manager anyway and let windows redetect and reinstall. If its the actual ports that are faulty and not the software then windows may not find them when it reboots, if thats the case then you are down to using the restore disk then if that fails the easiest option is to buy a USB card to fit in a PCI slot, costs about a tenner.

  AndyG2901 13:00 16 Mar 2006

Thanks for all the info guys...I decided to uninstall all the ports from device manager...The first one I uninstalled, I then selected choose hardware updates and hey presto - it re-installed and everything now appears to work fine... I followed these instructions that I found on IBM's website.

Remove and reinstall USB drivers under Windows XP.
Ensure all USB devices are removed from your system.
In Device Manager, remove all items listed under Universal Serial Bus controllers (USB controllers, hubs, and devices).
Click Action, then click Scan for hardware changes. This will redetect and reinstall the USB drivers.


  johnnyrocker 13:05 16 Mar 2006

nice one.


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