Usb ports not working in newly built PC

  sgtpsycotik 02:27 19 Oct 2015

Built new pc from scratch, I am new to pc building and this is my first time. My pc powers on and my mouse and keyboard does not light up when they are plugged in to the back panel usbs and front panel usbs. I have 4 usb 3.0 and 4 usb 2.0 (2 of each on front and back) and my kboard and mouse work in none of them! please help I do not know if I wired them wrong or what. They are fairly new appliances and they worked in my old prebuilt's 2.0 usbs.

my mobo is msi 970 gaming

  xania 10:48 19 Oct 2015

The USB ports on the back are hardwired onto the MB so you cannot possibly have got this wrong. However, you might have mis-wired the front ones, and hence shorted out all the ports, so I suggest disconnecting the front USB from the front of the MB se for the present and see if the back ones come on.

Once you have the back ports working, you might find this useful for wiring the front ports:

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:48 19 Oct 2015

Have you loaded the drivers? None of the ports will work until you have installed the USB control drivers.

  chub_tor 12:59 19 Oct 2015

As FruitBat says, you need to install the drivers, they should be found on the disc that came with your motherboard. If not you can download all the drivers from The MSI Support website

  sgtpsycotik 06:39 21 Oct 2015

I unplugged the usb 3.0 cord, and two usb cords. those are the only front panel usb cords I had in. The monitor has no display because my mouse and keyboard aren't working, so my monitor is on standby at all times except startup. I put in the motherboards driver install disk, but again I couldn't do anything with no keyboard, mouse, or monitor display. I've tried all the back panel usb ports, but as fruitbat said, they won't work until I install the drivers, which I can't do because my keyboard and mouse are usb.

  sgtpsycotik 06:42 21 Oct 2015

So I literally can't use my new pc, i can't go on msi's website on my pc because I have no control of keyboard and mouse, and I never did have.

  xania 12:12 21 Oct 2015

I'm a bit concerned if your monitor is not working either. Has this been the case all along? And obviously, if you've got no keyboard or mouse, not quite sure how you're supposed to install drivers.

So let's get back to fundamentals. When you first switch on your PC, what exactly happens?

  1. Do the fans in the box spin
  2. Does the motherboard give that single beep that signifies that you have POSTed successfully
  3. Does anything appear on the monitor during that time.
  4. Do you get any indication that Windows is trying to open
  5. What version of Windows is installed on the Hard Drive.
  xania 12:17 21 Oct 2015

Also, I note that this MB does not come with on-board graphics. Have you checked to ensure that the graphics card is firmly and fully plugged into the motherboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 21 Oct 2015

You should be able to connect a PS/2 keyboard or mouse

then in BIOS enable USB legacy - the USB ports should then work from boot onwards.

  sgtpsycotik 15:24 21 Oct 2015

I turned on my pc and tried to get the lighting on either my keyboard or mouse to come on, rapidly pressing the up and down buttons for my dpi made the dpi meter light up and the bars went up and down, but them quickly faded away. To answer xania 1. yes 2. yes 3. no, only asus appears when i turn the monitor on 4. windows isn't installed, I haven't been able to do it without a keyboard and mouse 5. I have windows 10 - again not installed.

buying a new keyboard and mouse is the last resort for me, I haven't reset the BIOS yet, or taken out the CMOS battery, but I will try that method later today.

  sgtpsycotik 15:26 21 Oct 2015

I just assumed that the monitor isn't displaying anything due to it being on standby because of no mouse/keyboard movement

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