USB ports not working on Custom Gaming PC

  Jackson Lee 22:08 29 Aug 2018

Hello I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i have recently bought a gaming pc of my friend (which was custom built) he said it worked fine when he last used it. However every time I try and plug in a mouse or keyboard it doesn’t work. I have a gaming mouse with leds on it, when I first plug it in the lights on it show for about a second then go off again. It’s the same with all the ports on the back and front. I’ve checked the mouse or keyboard are not broken because they work fine with my old pc. The only thing that will work on the pc is a usb internet dongle. Also I have no access to the os since the moniter I have needs movement from the mouse to turn on so I’m kind of stuck atm. Also I don’t currently have an OS on the system so I doubt it could have anything to do with that, so I’m thinking it will be the hardware, It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to setting it up tonight. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You :)

  KEITH 1955 23:04 29 Aug 2018


even if this guy is a friend you need to talk to him , the least he should do is come round and see what your problem is , lights on anything mean nothing for a few years now a pc mobo supplies power to usb even when it is turned off , basically a turned off pc acts like a battery charger that's why you see lights on something that's not working., when you plug anything into a pc you should hear a door bell type noise and a little box pop up saying new device found , it may even say what it is.

Their are all sorts of things you can enable/disable in something called bios settings.

you really need to ask him what he did to the pc before he handed it over to you. As well as clearing out personal items he could have done something he has not told you.

ALARM BELLS RINGING ……….. why don't you have an operating system on the pc ???? that means he MUST have removed it and I cant think of any reason why he would do that, I have a custom built pc and I also have the windows 10 disc of the os. Did he give you the os disc.

If he is trying to rip you of by using the windows disc on another pc he will come unstuck because when he HAS to register the op sys on another pc Microsoft will detect it has already been used on something else and block his install.

You say he is a friend but If my suspicions are right there is something he is not telling you.

  Jackson Lee 11:47 30 Aug 2018

He helped me bring it down to my house, he was there when we found out the problem. The reason there is no OS on it is because his hard drive corrupted because he downloaded something forget so I uninstalled that one and put in a blank new one. There is definitely nothing wrong with anything I’ve tried plugging in

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 30 Aug 2018

Your USB stuff will not work without an op system and drivers

Assuming win 10, download and make the boot media from MS

If it won't boot from the USB boot media you may need to go into the BIOS and enable legacy boot (USB legacy) you may need a PS2 keyboard to do this the machine may have a PS2 port on the back.

The op system key for this machine will be registered to his MS account and stored on MS servers so should activate OK.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:35 30 Aug 2018


try plugging into a TV rather than your monitor to see if you get a picture on screen.

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