usb ports not working

  john 08:41 13 Jul 2003

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me. I have a PC Partner motherboard bx440 which runs a P2 400, this is the first time that I have tried to use a usb device on this computer and both my camera and scanner will not work, the scanner is usb only and I have tried it on another computer without a problem, when I plug it into either of the two usb sockets the power light doesn't even come on.
My system uses WinXp Pro and I have checked in device manager which lists usb controllers,
intel(R) 82371AB / EB PCI to usb universal host controller.
usb root hub.

Both devices are enabled and are said to be working correctly, the drivers appear to have been supplied by microsoft. The installation disk is w95 only and PC Partner tell me no further drivers are required for Win 2000 (is this the same as XP?)

I have looked in bios and the only reference to usb is keyboard which is enabled (even though I don't have a usb kboard)
Ant bright ideas would be gratefully received.

  Bodi 10:11 13 Jul 2003

Removing you USB controllers from Device Manager and seeing whether Windows will pick them up again, other than that, (if they still don't work) I suppose you could try installing a USB PCI card.

Could be that USB ports on the motherboard are faulty, or the drivers need to be installed from the motherboard CD?

These are just shots in the dark, but even if they don't help, will at least put your thread to the top again.


  BillEmm 13:19 13 Jul 2003

What scanner are you using. You say the power light does not come on - does this mean the device does not have its own mains power adapter? There were some early USB scanners that were bus powered but they either did not work or fried the on-board USB controller due to the high current demand (up to 800mA).


  john 13:49 13 Jul 2003

My scanner is a Packard Bell diamond 1200 plus, it doesn't have it's own power supply there's only the usb cable. I have had the scanner attached to another computer and it installed and run fine


  Stuartli 15:15 13 Jul 2003

You will probably need to obtain a powered USB hub as scanners are notorious for requiring a dedicated port.

Are the USB controllers listed in Device Manager?

  john 18:20 13 Jul 2003

Yes this is the reference in device manager, which also says that they are working correctly.

usb controllers, intel(R) 82371AB / EB PCI to usb universal host controller.
usb root hub.


  BillEmm 19:01 13 Jul 2003

Stuartli is right. You will need a fairly tolerant self-powered USB hub. The on-board USB controller is unlikely to be able to power the scanner.

The hub should be dedicated to the scanner - which not only requires lots of DC power but uses a large chunk of the 12Mbps bandwidth. This latter point will limit the number of other devices you can connect to the single USB controller.


  john 19:39 13 Jul 2003

Thanks very much guys, I'll give it a try and report back. Any recommendations on a self-powered USB hub?


  Stuartli 21:28 13 Jul 2003

I got an excellent four-port one from a computer fair for £18 - unpowered equivalents were only £3 cheaper.

But have a look in the clearance box at Dixons or PC World if you have one near, as the Belkin models are often offered at a well discounted price.

  BillEmm 22:35 13 Jul 2003

The best USB 1.1 hubs for 'over-current' demand are: Belkin F5U101 & F5U021 and the Lindy 32889 Smart Hub Pro. They are all 4 port varieties.

These are quoted as they have all performed well supporting power demanding ADSL USB modems.

I am sure there are others but there are many that have failed the 'ADSL modem test'.


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