usb ports do not work

  birddog 15:12 26 Feb 2004

the usb ports do not work, i'm running windows m/e

  Diemmess 15:15 26 Feb 2004

Are they part of the motherboard or from an add-in USB/PCI card?

  woodchip 15:22 26 Feb 2004

Have you been trying to install a USB Bracket with cables that connect to motherboard as if you get these connected the wrong way round your USB will not work again. Which means a PCI USB card

  Glyn-252301 16:02 26 Feb 2004

Also you may need to enable USB in the bios.

  Gongoozler 16:22 26 Feb 2004

To be able to give useful advice we really need to know what motherboard you have. You can probably find what it is by downloading and running Belarc Advisor click here, or for more comprehensive information AIDA32 click here

  Diemmess 11:34 27 Feb 2004

I have pasted your e-mail to me here - answering my question about whether your USB ports were part of the Motherboard.

"yes they are part of the motherboard, i don't know if they have ever worked. regarbs, bd"

It helps you to ask and answer questions using this thread. That way more people can join in the fun and benefit when the problem is solved.

You (presumably) have acquired this PC recently and are not sure of its former life. This is why the motherboard details are important, because the CD which was supplied with the mobo should have specific drivers for the USB ports. ........... If you can find details of the Chipset and BIOS it is usually possible to download the necessary files from the web.

Windows ME will translate the port setting ready for use, but the mobo drivers first have to "Tell the computer" they are there!

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