USB Ports - dedicated?

  g0slp 09:54 20 Jun 2004

I've been connecting various devices to my laptop (Microstar 2200, Win XP Home), and have found that the link to my mobile (for GPRS/3G)and the link to a GPS (for position input to MS Autoroute) will only work if connected to specific USB ports. This is more an annoyance than anything else, but the machine has 4 USB ports (v2.0) & I thought that it didn't matter which one you used. Can anyone explain why this is happening, & if there's a 'fix'? Using the search facility here hasn't thrown anything up.

Thanks in advance, Mark

  €dstowe 10:29 20 Jun 2004

I have multiple USB ports on my machines such that some machines have, as well as the motherboard USB ports, one or two extra PCI USB cards. I find that if I attach a device to a USB connection where it hasn't been used before i.e. another USB controller chip, Windows sometimes recognises it as a new device and installs a second time.

Whether it should do this or not, I don't know but, it all works OK so I'm not going to worry.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:59 20 Jun 2004

some devices such as modems (gps?) are assigned a virtual com port. Maybe this is what's happening to your GPS device and why it therefore requires the same USB port to be recognised

  €dstowe 12:48 20 Jun 2004

The devices in my case are printers - which can be just as picky as modems!


  Irishman 13:32 20 Jun 2004

I have a scanner and bluetooth dongle, if they are changed around Windows refuses to recognise them.

  g0slp 18:31 20 Jun 2004

The phone is a modem, & it's likely that the GPS NMEA input has modem-like properties (although only 1 way), so it may very well be why this is happening.

Something else learned!

Regards, Mark

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