usb ports constantly disconnecting and reconnectin

  dec0yable 13:43 05 Nov 2015

When i connect my phone (galaxy s5 mini) to my windows 10 laptop the usb port constantly disconnects and reconnects in such a rapid succession that i only hear the usb disconnect sound. I can't access the phone in device manager since it canstantly refreshes.

I have been searching in google and i have found out that some people get the same problem when they connect their iphone since it tries to suck more amps out of the usb port than the usb port wants to. Something like 1,1 amps instead of the max 0,5. there are special drivers for iphones but i don't know if there are for samsung devices.

Does anyone know what i can do i have already installed the default usb driver for the samsung s5 mini, i have checked power options to disable selective suspend settings and i have also unticked the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option in all the hubs.

It isn't the cable since the problem persists with 2 cables and the problem doesn't occure when i try plugging it into my desktop. Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:11 05 Nov 2015

Unfortunately its probably down to the laptop giving a low power to the usb ports and the only solution is to use a powered usb hub.

  dec0yable 21:39 05 Nov 2015

Darn isn't there a way i could increase the allowed amount of power delivered by the usb ports?

  dec0yable 00:47 06 Nov 2015

Tried that from the start, no change :(

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