Usb Ports

  swanny2 19:51 05 Nov 2006

Hi . My Problem is ,the 2 usb ports on the front of my pc arnt workin now,One says Malfunctioning,the other 1 the usb wont go all the way in.
Are these easy too replace if i go get 1 from Pc world? or is it more complicate.
Any help appreciated...
thankyou .
Swannnny :O)

  ezypcy 20:06 05 Nov 2006

swanny2,the problem finding an exactly fitting usb port part maybe difficult for your case.

The front usb ports are connected to the motherboard
so assuming that the board is ok it might be better
to buy a unit that fits into one of the CD/DVD drive
positions.Many also come with card readers and cheap.

Or you could fit a USB PCI card at the rear.

  Technotiger 20:32 05 Nov 2006

Hi, I would advise fitting a USB2 4Port PCI board. Not expensive and easy to fit. But if you do this, make sure that you earth yourself before touching inside components, by touching any metal part of the pc case.


  swanny2 21:07 05 Nov 2006

ty for quick replys.. But! do i need too know if what my motherboard iis for it? when i go too buy them . and are they easy too fit..
Reason i also need this is my mouse an keyboard ports dont wwork, an now my 2 usb, ports arnt working ive on got 2 usb ports. i need 3,hence me buying something too make them up .

  Totally-braindead 21:20 05 Nov 2006

You could just buy a USB hub but depending on what you're using on the USB it might need more power that it can supply, its not a major problem you just buy a USB hub that has a power supply and connect it to one of your existing ports, if you need the power supply you plug it in if not you don't bother.
As an example of an unpowered USB hub click here and a powered one click here
Regarding fitting a USB 2 PCI card they also are cheap and would do away with worrying about power supplies etc. Heres one click here all you need to do is make sure you have a spare PCI slot, they are the white ones. They are easy to fit, just plug it in and then install the software supplied. Actually if you're on XP you might not even need the disk as it'll probably install it itself.

  swanny2 21:28 05 Nov 2006

thanks.. well its just too run me mouse an Keyboard Really. so what u think is best.It will have too be used on 1 of the usb ports at the back ..

  Technotiger 21:32 05 Nov 2006

A PCI board is best, get one with 4 usb ports on it.

  swanny2 21:55 05 Nov 2006

From what i can see inside me pc. the usb ports at the front , are on like a silver panel,with a couple of Either speakers or Mic holes,an something eelse,that something slots into..
Insside there is like 2 sets of bunddles of Wires.Do i take these of then the front slips out?too replace it .with another.

  Totally-braindead 23:35 05 Nov 2006

The PCI card provides more ports but they are at the rear. The one I gave you a link to does allow you to connect your 2 front USB to it but leave it for now as you'll have to identify the wires and identify which ones they go to on the card.
The problem is, which bit is faulty? Is it the actual ports where you plug it in or is it where it connects to on the motherboard.
Regardless, a PCI card will give you more ports which is always useful and its not dear. Once you have it start another thread or use this one and hopefully someone will help you decide which wires on the front ports connect to which bits on the card.
Now, if it turns out its actually the ports on the front that are faulty, which I personally consider rather unlikely then you can either buy a USB hub like I linked to earlier and just use one of the back ports or something to replace the front panel. But you're as well waiting as its more likely to be the motherboard whcih would be solved by using a card like I linked to.

  Totally-braindead 23:56 05 Nov 2006

Actually I just reread your original posting, according to what you've said one of the actual ports on the front is broken.
You could get a front USB replacement panel such as this click here the first one fits in a floppy drive space presumming you have one spare and connects to the motherboard or if you hunt about a bit you can get one that fits in a 5.25" space assumming you have one on your computer that is spare. Or if you use a digital camera you could get a card reader that has a USB port built in, again you need a free space where a CDROM drive would fit click here I think the 3.5" ones don't have USB but you'd have to read up on that. And watch as to whether they connect to the motherboard or use one of the rear USB ports.
Thinking about it you might be better getting one that connects via the rear USB ports as you know they will be working. The motherboard ones might not.

  swanny2 13:48 06 Nov 2006

ok cheers.
the ethernet cable that goes into my usb cable from my set top box ,has a little blue box on it..What ive done is too the Ethernet cable out of that..Then put it in the modem slot.Leavin me the spare usb port i require..

An yes it is the front usb ports that dont work.. i will probably need another port when i use my camera.
Thanks for all ure Advice mate.. Appreciated..

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