usb ports

  hubdean 22:48 28 Oct 2004


A friend of mine has put in 4 new usb ports its fitted ok the computer found the new hard wear
the drives are in
but the ports wont work
can anyone help

  Belatucadrus 00:35 29 Oct 2004

More information will be needed before this gets answered.

What operating system ?

How are the ports connected, cable to MoBo socket or PCI card.

What is he trying to plug in ?

  recap 09:19 29 Oct 2004

If the system is Windows 98 and the new 4 port USB card is a 2.0 version it may not be compatible. Check the system specs required for the card, there are only a couple of 2.0 USB cards compatible with W98.

  throwitoutthewindow 11:26 29 Oct 2004

if you go to device Manager you should seea USB 2.0 controller. If not something has not installed.

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