usb port transfer

  owenmancs 08:30 23 May 2005

ive moved a bluetooth dongle to another port but the pc thinks ive added another device, how do i tell it that ive simply moved it?

  wx622 08:58 23 May 2005

You get this Bluetooth USB dongles. There is no real WHQL-based bluetooth drivers, so even if you leave the dongle plugged in, you get ....... (name of driver/device) '#2, #3, #4 etc. when power on/off. Just right-click the new unknown device, and search for a recommended driver, and your PC should find it.

  owenmancs 09:29 23 May 2005

thank you for helpingme. my pc has found it ok, but that wasnt the problem. my problem is that i have set up the pc and my mobile phone etc. so now when i try to send data to mobile phone, i have more than one option etc. how can i make just one bluetooth device on pc again? can i just delete the original bluletooth connection?? thanks owen

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