USB Port, Toshiba laptop and Broadband

  DeLiBrit 08:45 22 Dec 2003

I have recently installed AOL broadband on my Toshiba laptop which runs Windows XP Professional.

Everything works very well except when I attempt to log on. The system does not recognise the ADSL modem is connected. I can rectify this very simply by unplugging the modem and then re-inserting the plug. The modem is instantly recognised and I can connect to broadband.

The AOL Helpdesk has told me this is an issue with the the USB port not remembering the settings. Is this correct? Is this a software or a hardware problem and, more importantly, what is the solution?

All answers and advice gratefully received.

  andrew-216448 08:57 22 Dec 2003

try to uninstall the driver of the modem. thedn reinstall the driver without plugging the modem to the laptop. once the driver is installed, plug the modem to the puter.

  anchor 09:04 22 Dec 2003

You don`t say which modem you are using, but I have no problem with my Toshiba satellite notebook and an Alcatel modem.

Try the advice given by pamintacake, which is the correct way to install the drivers. You could also check on the modem makers site to see if updated drivers are available.

  AubreyS 09:05 22 Dec 2003

Not sure if it will help but have you got SP1(Service Pack 1) installed?

  Big Elf 09:12 22 Dec 2003

I had the same type of thing with my old 56K Serial Port modem. As I have a legacy free PC I had to connect it through a serial port USB adapter. I occasionally use to get an Error 797 port not open message and like you I had to remove the connection and then plug it back in. I never found the solution and after replacing the modem with a USB one it's never occurred again.

If you have a VIA USB controller it may be related to that. Updates are vailable click here but when I updated it didn't help.

  DeLiBrit 14:25 22 Dec 2003

Thank you all for your suggestions. I haven't been able to put any into effect yet as the laptop is at another address and so I am using my desktop. I did contact the Toshiba helpdesk which was answered promptly and I was given advice even though I said I was unable to supply the serial number of the laptop. I was quite impressed.

However, the downside to this was that I was told the USB port "does not support broadband" and that is the root of the problem. This seemed a little strange to me but I don't know enough about it to argue! I asked if a powered hub would improve matters and I had an equivocal yes to that.

By the way, I do have Service Pack 1 installed. I can't remember the make of the modem offhand. I originally installed it as suggested above by following the instructions which came with the components.

Thank you all once again for taking the time and trouble to post replies to my query.

  Big Elf 15:02 22 Dec 2003

The reply from Toshiba seems to imply that the USB port is not supplying enough power for a broadband modem.

  AubreyS 15:56 22 Dec 2003

A while back, I had a friends Toshiba laptop and it was quite an old model. I temporarily installed broadband on it to download the latest Windows updates as he only has a dial-up connection as it would have takin g him ages to do. There was no problem at all ADSL modem which was connected to the USB port. So I don't know why you were told that.

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