USB port not working

  square eyes 22:52 25 Feb 2003

I recently have done a repair of my XP and have discovered that quite a few things stop working afterwards. Mostly a case of installing drivers. I have a problem though, there are 4 USB ports at the back (2x2), 2 seem to be working but other 2 don't, or at least it won't detect anything's been plugged in. (Oh my, how does this happen?)

How do i resolve this?, could it be advanced port settings?? (stab in the dark)

Be grateful for any ideas


  ellas 23:04 25 Feb 2003

any problems showing up in device manager.

  LastChip 23:06 25 Feb 2003

It's probably one of the USB controllers not working.

If you have re-loaded the operating system, it is likely for some reason, the drivers are not loading for one of the controllers. Each controller, controls a pair of USB ports.

Go into Device Manager, and see if you have any exclamation or question marks over the USB section.

If so, try re-loading the drivers first, and if that doesn't help, come back to us.

  square eyes 23:27 25 Feb 2003

Hi and thanks. Device manager is showing no problems (exclamation mark) I do remember going in to advanced port settings but didn't think i had altered anything. I was having problems with the modem and seeked an answer there. I would try and correct it if i knew what i was doing, but it does sound like that could be the location???

  square eyes 23:28 25 Feb 2003

Forget that, that was in modem properties. :(

Any sugestions?

  square eyes 23:31 25 Feb 2003

I should think carefully before i send.
It was working after the repair, This has happened since a SP1 installation and a scandisk operation

  LastChip 22:43 02 Mar 2003

When you go into "Device Manager", do you see TWO "USB Root Hubs"?

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