USB port not recognized for printer

  ttmiller01 04:10 25 Aug 2008

Hello, if anyone can offer any advice I would very much appreciate it...

I've had this Konica Minolta PagePro 1350 laser printer for three years and its worked fine. Suddenly, I try to print a document, I get a message saying USB Port not recognized...or device has malfunctioned. I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer several times, but to no avail. I dont know what else to do, please help.

oh and I have Windows XP home edition

  ambra4 04:43 25 Aug 2008

Check that the usb port is working by connection a flash drive

Change the printer cable with a good quality USB2 cable

  gel 07:26 25 Aug 2008

Try another USB port

  Taff™ 07:42 25 Aug 2008

Unplug all USB devices. Go to Device manager, (Control Panel>System, Hardware tab)and expand the USB devices. Right click each one individually and select Uninstall. Include all the controllers as well. Rebooting will force the system to re-install all the USB drivers so be patient! Now plug in the USB printer and it should redetect the driver and install it. If it doesn`t work in the first USB port try another, it may be that one of the ports has failed.

  jack 08:26 25 Aug 2008

If you have several USB items installed and are deploying a hub, and the printer is one of the 'hubbed' items. remove it and plug it directly to the computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:23 25 Aug 2008

Refresh USB Ports
Use Drive clean up to remove USB device drive info from the registry
click here
or as Taff suggested
In device manager Uninstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB,
reboot the PC let XP find and install new hardware.
Your equipment should now be recognised.

  ttmiller01 16:49 25 Aug 2008

thank you very much for your suggestions. I bought another usb cable this morning (just in case) and the new cable worked! So i didnt have to uninstall. But I think this was in fact the problem, I was not unistalling EVERYTHING under USB as taff and fruit suggested, only the printer. I will know to do this next time if this happens again. I still dont understand why after three years, the computer stops recognizing that usb. Thanks again!

  ambra4 17:17 25 Aug 2008

“I bought another usb cable this morning (just in case) and the new cable worked!”

USB cables do go bad for whatever reason had a major problem with a company main

printer laser printer nothing seemed to worked until I change the USB cable to a USB2

printer cable

So now if I have any problems with printers, the first item I change is the USB cable

Glad to hear all working again


  ambra4 17:19 25 Aug 2008

Tick the box and click resolved

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