USB Pen Drive Speed Problems

  villageidiot 18:30 13 Mar 2007

The Computer is –
Motherboard - MSI K9NBPM2-FID (Current MSI Mid-range MB)
CPU - Athlon 3500+
HDD – 80GB Seagate Barracuda SATA2-300
RAM - 1GB – DDR2 633
O.S. - Windows XP

The following Pen Drives are plugged into four rear USB Ports
One – 1GB
One – 2GB
One - 1GB
One - 256MB

The first two Pen drives are shown in Device Manager (Inserting one at a time) as USB2.0 Device. The third and fourth both claim to be USB2.0, although Device Manager shows them as just “USB Device”

Device Manager does of course continue Microsoft’s policy of being as unhelpful as possible, and does not show whether the drivers are USB1 or USB2. I assume they are USB2.0.

My understanding is that the HDDs run at 300MB/s, that USB2.0 ports run at 60MB/s (480Mb/s), and Pen Drives in general at about 3MB/s (23Mb/s claimed for mine.)

So why does it take over five minutes to “Copy” 42.2 MB in 32 folders and 400 files from the HDD to each PenDrive, and nine seconds to “Copy” from the Pen Drive to the HDD?

Surely 42.2MB at 3MB/s take 14 seconds, not 300seconds.

  stephen0205 22:18 13 Mar 2007

try formatting the pen, it may be in fat32 format and you might have ntfs filing system, just right click on the pen drive im my computer and go to format and it will do it on whats installed on your operating system, see if that works

  villageidiot 00:42 14 Mar 2007


Thanks for your suggestion. Sorted, sort of.

Spent last two hours on it. Too late to explain now, so I'll post Wednesday night.

  stephen0205 15:18 14 Mar 2007

you could speed up software, it makes the device run quicker, you can do it through windows but im not quite sure how 2

  knowyour rights! 20:54 14 Mar 2007

will NTFS work, I thought they had to be fat32 as this supports hot swapping without too many problems.

  villageidiot 00:55 15 Mar 2007

Sorry I have been so long in replying. This gets more complex.

Formatting to NTFS improved the transfer speed, although not as much as I would have liked. However I now have several more problems.

I have re-formatted one 1GB Pen Drive (PD) to NTFS.

I then copied from “C” to “F” (PD): -
99.4MB in 421 files – 2min38sec – 0.56MB/s
120MB in 24 files – 2:30 – 0.80MB/s
329MB in 884 files – 9:34 – 0.57MB/s

So, four times better, but still no-where near the 3MB/s one would expect.

But, I now don’t understand why PDs are shipped formatted to FAT32, when XP, on NTFS, has been out for five years. Perhaps, knowyour rights, your response answers that one. It would be nice if the manufacturers or Microsoft explained. None of my PDs, of three different makes, came with any guidance on formatting. An hour spent on Microsoft's help site revealed absolutely nothing about file systems or formatting for Pen Drives.

New Problem 1 - Under “Format”, the File System pull-down menu offers: -
For my “C” drive - only the option of NTFS,
For one of my 1GB Pen Drives - FAT, FAT32, and NTFS (Now formatted to NTFS)
For the 2GB of the same make - only FAT32.
For the other two PDs – Only FAT32

This means I have been able to format one PD to NTFS, but I cannot change the others. Why the different options?

New Problem 2 – When I plug in the second 1GB drive, or the 256MB drive, all actions in Windows Explorer take about 10/15 seconds to complete. Without either of these drives plugged in, the response is instant. (They are still both on FAT32.)

New Problem 3 – Every time I remove a PD (FAT32 or NTFS) my Internet Connection (Broadband via USB) drops out.

Problem 4 - If I plug all four PDs in, then in the BIOS one appears as a Hard Drive, the other three as Removable Drives (I think that was the terminology). Why not all under the same heading?

Has anyone any ideas to cure these problems?
Am I the only person in the world trying to use Pen Drives on Win XP, or am I the only one to have measured the speed of data transfer?

  Bagsey 08:14 15 Mar 2007

How did you format yours to NTFS?? When I tried Win XP would not allow me to. It was fixed setting to Fat.

  villageidiot 11:36 15 Mar 2007

From the Win XP Desktop, Left Click My Computer.
In the list of "Devices with Removable Storage”, Right Click on a Pen Drive, (I have labelled my Pen Drives, so they are listed here with the names I gave them.)
Click "Format"
Click the "Down Arrow" for "File System".

Just one of my Pen Drives, a 1GB Nikkin, lists the options of FAT, FAT32, and NTFS, so I can choose NTFS.
All the other three Pen Drives, including a 2GB Nikkin, list only FAT32.

I think it is a conspiracy between Bill Gates and the heads of several governments to keep us off the streets and out of mischief!

Does anyone know where I can find more information about the use of pen Drives, and how they operate?

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